Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding Guests - One Sheepish Girl

I met Meredith back in May when she sponsored my blog and I am so happy I did! Meredith is a lovely person with a super blog and she is also the mastermind behind some of my favourite Instagram photos! If you're not already following Meredith on Instagram, what are you waiting for?

Hi Love, Elycia readers!! I'm so excited to be here! Elycia's blog is one of my absolute favorites, so I was beyond excited when she asked me do to a guest post. 

In the past few weeks I've become obsessed with a little iPhone app called Instagram. For reasons I'm unable to explain, I can't get enough of it! At first, taking pictures through Instagram was just a fun way to capture the pretty things I came across.

Then it became a new way of expressing myself. I love having another opportunity to represent myself in the online community! 

All of the sudden, I started getting a lot of new followers! Since I am a first rate people pleaser I started stressing out about the pictures I was posting. I was worried that everyone would stop following me if I posted a bad picture. How silly is that? Those thoughts took the fun out of Instagram for me for a few weeks. 

Now, I've stopped my silly worrying and discovered some amazing benefits of Instagram! (If you are a blogger or Etsy seller, this is for you!) The new Instagram update allows you to write a small bio above your photo stream. I put my blog address in the bio space and I've actually gained a few followers through Instagram! I've "met" some really great bloggers too. I love "meeting" other creative people, even if it is through an iPhone app. Haha! 

Instagram is also a great way to show a new audience what I make! I like to think of every photo as a new photo shoot and try to represent my business in the best way possible! 

Are you as crazy addicted to Instagram as me? What are some of your favorite things about the app? 

Also, if you use Instagram, I'd love it if you said hello! My username is "sheepishknitcrochet"! 

Thank you so much for having me here Elycia!


Thank YOU so much for being here Meredith! You are awesome!


ps. If any sponsors don't see themselves up there it is because I didn't receive your stuff before I left on my honeymoon! Never fear though, I will be checking my email tonight and updating anything that needs updating :) i love you sponsors!


  1. Lovely photos!
    Instagram is the best,I can capture lots of cute pics of my kitties that I might miss if i grabbed my "real camera", or quick photos of daily life without causing unwanted attention :x

    This post has a few tips I found helpful, though I'm still trying to figure out split screen.

  2. *SQUEE* Just based on the number of yarn pictures, I'm already a fan! :) Ha ha. I added you on Instagram (I'm "mandi224" on there) and put your blog in my reader!! Looking forward to exploring your site when I have some time later on!

    Thanks, Elycia for another great guest post!!


  3. I adore Instagram. I'm starpixie on there :)

    I think it's a great way to share photos. It's like the photo version of twitter but the images make it far more interesting :)

  4. Yay! The post looks great Elycia!! Thanks again for having me! I hope you have a great time on your honeymoon!!

  5. Lovely post. :) :) No iphone here so no instagram... how sad?!!!

  6. Oh I am addicted to instagram too!! It's so fun to see different looks to the same photo- my post today is all in instagram hehe!

  7. I long for an instagram app for android.

  8. Wow, these are amazing! Once they get an Instagram app for android phones, I will totally follow you and you beautiful photos. I'm going to go to your blog right now though! You seem super sweet and you are so talented. I hope you have a great day!

  9. cuteeeeee instagramming! love the yard 'thanks' :]

  10. I've recently grown addicted to instagram too! It's so awesome and fun. I love sharing little bits of my day with pictures. I'll be following you (I already follow you, Elycia =] ) for sure! <3
    instagram @jamieurlacher

  11. Oh my god those pink triple-bow shoes are insanely cute. Where did you find them? Please let me know so I can buy them immediately! xoxo

  12. Instagram is my very favorite app. I use it every week for my {weekend in pictures} posts.

    ♥ sécia

  13. I just heard about instagram--can't wait until they get it on more than just the iphone.

  14. I am a huuuuge fan of instagram (I actually just made a post with instagrams!). There's another one called Hipstamatic, that is also so much fun, I can't stop using them :)

  15. Aww! I love Meredith. She is the BEST istagram picture taker. Adore her.


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