Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my day job

Once in a while I get questions about where I work. I don't talk about my "day job" very often because, well, there are much more exciting things to talk about besides where I work. However, my day job is getting a little more fun and exciting lately so I thought I would tell you a bit about it!
this is me at work!

For about 2 years now I have been working part time with my mom doing the bookkeeping for a bunch of vet clinics. Recently, our clinics have teamed up with Albanese Branding to focus more on branding and marketing. This is were it gets exciting...I have been working with them on the social media aspect! I am in charge of our Twitter account, put together posts and help out with the Facebook page and co-administer the Flickr group. I also get to take photos that they use on the website. I am pretty excited about this kind of work because it is super fun for me.

The Flickr group is especially exciting because I get to share all of my cute Farva and Anakin photos with unsuspecting visitors to the website (the Flickr group streams to the website). I know a lot of you lovely readers have pets that you love so, if you want, I think that you should join the group and add your cute photos! I would love to see your cute pets!

Let me know if you join the Flickr group! Ya! I'm excited!



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  2. Yay! What a neat job you have...even more so now with your new duties. I just joined the Flickr group and added a handful of photos! What a cute idea for a Flickr page for the hospital. Love it!

  3. I was recently wondering what you did for a day job! Nice timing. Sounds incredibly fun to work with all types of social media. I hope I can do the same on my work some day (our boss isn't too fond of social media yet)

  4. Wow. this is so cool! that's the kind of job i want someday...so fun. i must ask, do they have a problem with your hair? i've been wanting to dye my hair, but i'm nervous my work will freak!


  5. what a perfect job for you! I can see why you are so excited about it :)

  6. I am the main Twitter voice for my work too! It's fun, it makes me think of positive things to say at work every day, even on those days where I don't feel like it.

    We're @tattoozoodotnet if you want to check it out. :)

  7. that sounds like an awesome job for you!
    xo dana

  8. I joined the group! (I'm Lexie_613 on there). Yay, I have no shortage of cute pet photos.


  9. Thats really cool! I work at a veterinary clinic in FL as a veterinary technician :)

  10. That is so funny, I was just reading your above post with the video, and wondering "Where does she work?" then I scroll down and VOILA! "My day job" appears. Haha awesome. That's so cool you work for your mom!! So I take it she doesn't mind the pink hair? Are you around the pets often? I think it would make me sad to be around them (if they were sick or died). My cat died exactly one month ago yesterday, I miss her so much. I might take a peek at your flickr group for some smiles.

  11. What a fun job! I joined the group...and of course added pics of my kitties!

  12. Katie, I mainly work in the back so no one really cares about my hair, luckily!

    Kt Long, I kind of work for my mom but I really work for the owner of the hospital. I get to be around the clinic cats and now I have started taking photos of some of the client's pets. The location I work out of mainly just does appointments (like vaccines and stuff) so I thankfully don't see many sick/dying animals. However, sometimes they have to put animals to sleep and they do it at the back right outside of my office. I always close my door if I suspect that is happening...and I have been known to cry when that happens. so embarrassing.

    ok, wow, now you really know everything! haha!

    thanks to everyone who joined the Flickr group!!

  13. your job sound like it is getting pretty interesting! I love the picture of your kitty :)


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