Monday, August 29, 2011

what i did :: a stroll through the forrest

On the weekend Ivan and I went for a walk in a forrest kind of near our house. We hadn't been in so long and almost didn't go because we were so sleepy, but I'm glad we did. It is so nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air. It instantly makes me feel better. Here are a few photos that I took.
These ones are for you Kaylah!

Are there any places near where you live that you like to explore?



  1. i love your nails! did you use tape to get that straight line?

  2. Our rain forest is near by but Its been sometime since my last visit, I think I have to get there sooon! I love the mushrooms!!

  3. Woods walks are the best! Is it totally cheesy to say that I take deep breaths when I'm in the middle of a forest, just to like, "recharge" myself? Haha :]

  4. Very pretty! Our nails are the same almost. Did you do a tutorial lately? Perhaps it got stuck in my head! haha

  5. I love walking through the forrest,it's so relaxing! :)

  6. I miss walking through a forest in the cold...

    Lovely photos, i really like them(:

    Have an awesome week!

    Carmila Ponycat

  7. Lovely photos! They're making me excited for my trip to Canada next month.

    I usually have to be dragged out for walks as I'm so lazy but I ALWAYS feel great after, silly brain!

  8. these pictures are awesome! I especially love the one of the little mushrooms :D very sweet :)

  9. Whoa, it's all so beautiful. I wish I lived near a forest! I usually just go to my back yard or a local park if I want to relax, but a forest sounds like the epitome of exploration!

    <3 Linda

  10. So cute! The last three pictures are super sweet. They have a certain charm.

    I don't live by a forest. I live in the desert. I guess I like to explore around my parent's house, although I'd prefer the darn ocean. :P

    Love your nails, BTW!

  11. Lol, cute pics! I used to stare at mushroom when I I was a kid. I don't know why, I guess I find them very peculiar back then. XD


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