Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what i wore :: august 13, 2011

head to toe:
dress - Forever 21
belt - vintage (from another dress)
shoes - Blowfish
camera bag - Jo Totes
hair - i braided some yarn into my hair in case you were wondering

I wore this outfit on Ivan's birthday. We had a fun day of sushi, a very unsuccessful thrifting trip, scoping out houses, and watching Twin Peaks. Oh yea, we are party animals. 

I have sooo many things to share with you and almost no time to put together posts. We picked up our wedding photos last week and I can't wait to show you! Also I have some thrift finds to share, a few pretty photos and more photos from a cool trip to the house my dad grew up in. I need a full day to catch up! Anyone want to come over and be my personal assistant? ;)



  1. I totally love the yarn braids! Cute outfit :o)
    Looking forward to the wedding pics x

  2. Very cute! I wish there was better thrifting in my city but those kinds of shops either don't exist or the ones that do are super expensive 'vintage' stores :(

    How do you keep your hair looking healthy with all dye that you use?

  3. haha yes please I would totally love to be your PA x

  4. Oh my goodness I love that dress! I actually have one very similar to it from modcloth, except it is red. I bet the F21 version was a bit more affordable!

    I like the yarn braided into your hair. It looks awesome with your hair color.

  5. sooo cute!
    love that bag..great color :)

  6. Celeste, my hair is naturally pretty dry so it is difficult to keep it healthy. Lately I have been mixing conditioner with my dye and leaving it on for a few hours every week or so. It definitely helps!

  7. I really want that dress. Your outifits are so perfect. Im so untrendy, Im just gonna copy you from now on :P haha

  8. i love the colored blue braided into your hair!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. I love your hair like that! So cute!



  10. Very very cute hair. Looks great with the pink. :) And that bag is to die for! Sea Marie

  11. Oh yay, can't wait to see wedding pictures!

  12. We just finished Twin Peaks! I was so sad when it was over... I love how perfectly your hair matches your dress. XD

  13. Your outfits are always great! I really like the yarn and camera bag too.

  14. i love the yarn braids!


  15. You are the cutest girl ever! I love your outfit, the fun colours, and (of course) your hair! I wish I could do something wild with mine, but working at sbux means natural colours only. Boo...

  16. Hi!

    I love your outfit, the shoes and the bag colors are so pretty<3
    I also really how you styled your hair! It makes me miss my pink hair...

    Hope you re having an awesome week full of lovely photos and banana pie(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  17. I am absolutely in love with your hair! :) I can't wait to see what you have in store. I'll be your personal assistant!!!! ;D

  18. you're so gorgeous Elycia! :) you really inspire me to put together nice outfits each day and not just settle for my same old things. p.s. pick me! I'll be a great personal assistant, hehe.

  19. Remember when I told you that one dress was my favorite? I lied. THIS is my favorite, I love everything about this look, from head to toe!

  20. I love the braids! V cute. Glad you guys had a great day for Ivan's birthday.
    PS. There ain't nothing wrong with a bit of twin peaks on ya birthday ;)
    Tone xo

  21. OMG I LOVE the dress. That is totally my style dress! And it looks great on you!! Love what you did to your hair to match the dress. neat neat neat.


  22. Braided yarns on your hair is really cute idea!


  23. Question: are you the cutest thing ever?
    Answer: Yes.

  24. The yarn your braided in your hair looks wonderful and I love your dress! :)

  25. Love your idea to braid yarn in the hair. I'll try that, too :-)


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