Friday, November 11, 2011

5 fave friday

5. These pretty things from Doubledutch Boutique
So many pretty things. 

4. Sherri's drawings are so adorable. 
I love them at looking at them makes me feel like drawing! 

3. These cat beds from Atomic Attic!
I found these through Lisa's blog (lala faux bois). Go take a peek at her blog for more adorable cat beds! Ps. Lisa's cats are totally adorable. 

2. Pinball
I am becoming quite the pinball wizard. Well, not really but since we moved I have been playing at least a few games of pinball everyday. My parents bought this pinball machine forever ago and I played it all the time as a kid. Ivan and I took it with us when we moved and we are both making good use of it. I got a waaay higher score than the one on there when I played today. Anyone want to come over for a tournament?

1. These adorable door hangers!

So, last night I had a small hair mishap. Nothing serious, no need to be alarmed. It just looks ridiculous. I'm pretty positive it is fixable and I am currently sitting with dye on my head to fix my little problem. We have a wedding tomorrow and I don't want to look like a crazy person so cross your fingers for me, haha!

Other than that I have some blogging to attend to and I have the itch to draw so I hope I can make time for that too.

What are your plans for this lovely Friday?



  1. i bet you still look darling with your crazy hair! i love those door hangers!

  2. Elycia- the cat beds are supppper easy to make. We made 2 of them. Just rip a vintage suitcase in half (I had my hubby do it!) and we are too lazy to sew anything so we just found pretty blankets to put in the suitcase. The cats love them! You can attach legs if you want but we opted not to.

  3. Just bleach the shit out of it haha. We all know you look good with white-blonde hair.

  4. I love those jackets!! I wish it got cold enough to wear jackets like that over here!! and those cat beds are just darling!! I wish that my cats slept in things like that!! :)
    PS Thank you so much for your sweet comment of my blog this morning!! You are so sweet girl!!

  5. Love those cat beds. Whatever happened to your hair,I'm sure it'll look fine. :)

  6. My friday is almost over on this side of the world, haha :-) I didn't do much today..I have a terrible cold and feel crappy..I did play around with my camera and I've tried to do some bokeh tricks, which worked out pretty well (I blogged about it)
    I love these cat beds by the way :-) Have a great weekend and good luck with your hair!

  7. the cat beds are so cute- i saw them on lisa's blog too :P only problem is, at least with my cats, they'd probably never realize what it was supposed to be, and continue laying all over my clothes. lol.

    also, that coat is great!!

  8. I love the suitcase into cat bed idea, I'm just too scared to ever try it with my vintage suitcase collection. My cats are a little mischievous and like to pee in things so I don't think it would work :p


  9. I don't know the first thing about dying my hair and definitely wouldn't know how to fix something! We got a pinball machine from my in-laws but I definitely don't play it much- kinda forget it's there which is weird because it's huge! :)

  10. i'm sure your hair will turn out lovely. no worries :)

  11. I just died! I love the teapot and cup door hangers! & even though I don't have a cat, I love the beds for my pup!
    xo Sarai

  12. I LOVE those heart heels!!! So cute!

    Also... PINBALL! I wish we had a pinball machine! I used to kick butt whenever playing Addams Family pinball, hehe!

  13. I have those Melissa/Vivienne Westwood heels in peach (w/ black heart)...they're surprisingly comfortable for something made of plastic.

  14. Those kitty beds are the cutest ever!!!

  15. THOSE CAT BEDS = <3 I'd get one but my cats would just sleep/sit on other stupid things to spite me. Jasper's new thing is making a bed out of whatever bag you leave unattended. We've left a backpack in a corner that's become his "sleeping backpack". Friggin cats run this joint.

  16. oh my goodness, love sherri's artwork so much. i had her draw my tattoo for me and i cannot WAIT to get it :-)


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