Saturday, November 5, 2011

wish i wore

It has been a while since I have put together a pretend outfit. It is so fun for me!

coat :: top :: belt :: skirt :: tights :: shoes

I really, really love that skirt. Well, I love every part of the outfit actually. Have you put together any fun outfits lately?

Today we are off visiting some lovely friends! I hope everyone is having a great weekend.



  1. Love them all! Such great colors and the owl matryoshkas really blew me away:)

  2. i love it all too :) xx

  3. i really love the top and the skirt! and the coat's color is gorgeous!:))
    xoxo Juci :D

  4. I am really jealous of all these pretty Fall colored tights I keep seeing! I seriously need some!


  5. I love all the pieces that you've picked! Especially those tights, cute!

    And have a great time at Kaylah's house!

  6. Such a cute outfit and it looks so cozy. Love the colors and double love the owl shirt :)

    xo Amber P.

  7. I really love that skirt also. And that top! :) Have fun!

  8. Great choices and I love how you put them all together. I almost bought that exact skirt from Modcloth last night. Now that I see it here, I think it's fate calling my name. :)

    Love your blog!


  9. Yes, I too, love every bit of it. SO cute.


  10. I just bought yellow tights like these ones a few days ago. They were incredibly hard to find and when I asked a shop assistant whether I'd find any in her shop she told me they were "out of fashion" and "might possibly come back in spring when bright colours are in". Excuse me? Bright yellow tights are very IN fashion, thank you very much!
    Love the other items you posted just as much! Especially the shoes, they are so pretty!

  11. "wish I wore" you are too cute.

  12. Aw these things are so pretty! I want them all!


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