Friday, December 9, 2011

5 fave friday

5. this dress

Feelin' Refreshed Dress

It reminds me of My Girl Thursday. I'm pretty sure she has a top that looks a lot like this. Same colours maybe? Am I making this up?

4. This video that a twitter pal told me about. Thanks @joyrmac!
So, so cute!

3. Rachele's adorable pixie cut.
When I gave myself a home haircut the other night I was pretty tempted to just hack it all off. I didn't...but I think Rachele looks so cute!

2. These 'Paper Pots' from Uncommon Goods

These would look much cuter than a Kleenex box on our end table :)

1. Tera's cool gift ideas!
bag from Monocled Lop (they are on vacation right now though)
My friend Tera put together a great post about putting together a photography themed gift. Themed gifts are really fun (my mom is the master of themed gifts by the way). Pop by Tera's blog to check out the post :)

I'm off to take Anakin to the vet today! Poor little guy. Hopefully it's nothing serious and he can continue dancing up a storm.

I will be back with a video later!



  1. Wow, those paper pots are super stylish! I really like the orange and blue ones. Hope everything is alright with Anakin!

  2. Hi Elycia! I'm a relatively new reader and I love your blog. I just wanted to stop and say hi! And that I love that pink bag...

    xx MaDonna

  3. Love that dress! It seems every striped item that has come out in the last 6 months has had this colour scheme, so your probably right re: top ...
    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  4. oh my lord, that dress is incredible!!! Why does modcloth have to be so expensivveeeee

  5. you're not crazy, chantilly definitely does! i just saw this dress on kaylahs blog (do you guys plan this?? haha i often find you have the same/similar items, lol two of a kind!)

    and that is definitely a neat gift idea!!

  6. I just saw that striped dress on Kaylah's blog and I didn't notice until you said it,but it DOES remind ya of My Girl Thursday a little bit! I hope Anakin is okay! :)

  7. guhhhh, i want that dress!! i feel like ruche used to have a similar one, with similar-colored stripes. but i like this cut better! xx

  8. aw. you're sweet. Hope your kitty is ok :(

  9. haaha i love that you posted that video. i'm glad you liked it... this is my blog site by the way.... i have two names on the internets... joyslaughter & joyrmac... anyway. :) glad you liked.

  10. Salut Elycia ! My english is not perfect.
    I know your blog since few weeks but I love this one!
    The pink bag is super beautiful, maybe I'm going to add this one on my christmas list.


  11. carly! ha no we don't plan it and I kind of feel like I should start checking kaylah's blog before I post mine to make sure we don't post the same things! I usually prep my post early in the week though so that probably won't happen, haha!


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