Thursday, December 8, 2011

giveaway winner :: Craft to the Radio

Eeeeep! I was so wiped after my appointment last night that I completely forgot about posting the giveaway winner! Well, the winner is......


Congrats! I will be in touch :)

Thanks so much to Liz from Craft to the Radio for hosting the giveaway!


PS. I will be posting my video for the day a bit later :)


  1. OH MY GOD! I can't believe I won!! A little Estonian girl won a giveaway on loveelycia. You can't imagine how happy I am!! :D Thanks so much to Liz and you, Elycia!

  2. A Dressing on the Side tee? Love their stuff. I'm your newest follower...looks like your blog is full of great stuff!

  3. where did you buy that cardigan? it's gorgeous <3


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