Wednesday, December 21, 2011

recipe :: vegan candy cane ice cream

Before I get started with the yumminess...the winner of the Earthtastic giveaway is...Bunny! Congrats, I will be in touch :) 

Ok, on to the recipe!

I shared this recipe last year on Brittni's blog but I thought I would share it again here. It is seriously so delicious and I was super excited to make some this year! I actually took new photos while I was making it this year and then for the first time ever accidentally deleted some crucial steps from my camera! Oops! So, these are the photos from last year :)

Step 1: Gather your ingredients. You will need: non-dairy vanilla ice cream, non-dairy dark chocolate (easy to find) & candy canes.
 Step 2: Carefully chop up your dark chocolate into small-ish pieces.
Step 3: Wrap your candy canes (still in the wrapper) in a dish cloth and smash them up!
Step 4: Put your ice cream in a bowl and mash it up a bit.
 Step 5: This is where it starts to get delicious! Mix in your chocolate and candy cane bits. Add as much or as little as you like.
Step 6: Put your yummy mixture back in the ice cream container and let it sit in the fridge for as long as you can (at least an hour). Waiting is the hardest part!
Step 7: Scoop into a pretty dish and enjoy by your christmas tree!

We already ate the batch I made this year...I might need to make more to enjoy on Christmas day!



  1. that looks so amazingly delicious! i might need to try that sometime :)


  2. I love the colors of the candy cane popping out! I've never tried non dairy ice cream, I will be adding that to the list of things to do next year :)

  3. oh my this is so simple/awesome! Looks delicious :)

  4. mmm that look delicious! I'll definitely have to try this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Oh my goodness! Elycia, thank you so much for posting this! I keep saying "The only time I break veganism is Christmas because I just HAVE to eat candy cane ice cream" so this pretty much made my day :)

  6. Yum!! That looks so tasty! :D


  7. Oh my god, this looks so nice. Would love to try this!

    xo Emma

  8. This is crazy! Im gonna have to try this for sure!

  9. YUMMY YUMMY! must try this asap!

    lindsey |

  10. don't forget to make sure your candy canes are carmine free! it took me FOREVER to find some this year.

  11. YUM! I love anything with candy canes in it ;)

  12. Do you use a meat tenderizer to smash up your candy canes?


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