Tuesday, February 28, 2012

vlog :: what's going on in your background?

Chantilly and I are at it again! This time we are chatting about things that are going on in the background during our day. I can't believe I mention the gross shows I watch. Don't judge me too harshly ;)
Make sure you leave a comment letting us know what is going on in your background!


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  1. Love the video! :) I always work with my tv on in the background, or sometimes I will listen to music on Pandora. I'm guilty of watching alot of crime dramas and trash tv as well, so don't feel bad! lol!

    1. I am so jealous of Pandora! We don't get it in Canada. Discrimination!!

  2. I love it when you do a joint vlog<3

    When I'm blogging I don't tend to watch anything at the same time. I do play a lot of music, or sometimes when I'm watching tv I might blog during the commercials haha.

    When I craft I often play music too, though sometimes I might watch a movie.

  3. first off let me say that My dvr is set to record jersey shores and I get very sad if I miss a show! I'm equally sucked in to that show. I do keep my self in check though lol Pauly D was here this weekend and I didn't go to meet him! Took all my self control but I managed it! lol!
    and Thursday I watch 48 hours, Dominique Dunn, CSI , and all sorts of crime drama too. I tell myself its saving my life. I'm unconsciously soaking up valuable lifesaving information lol!
    We all have our guilty pleasures and we are more alike than you think!

  4. I indulge in re-runs of America's Next Top Model <3 <3

    1. ohhhh! me too! I watched all the seasons available when I was in University...some multiple times!

  5. When I'm blogging I can't have anything else going on. Definitely no TV, and only sometimes music, but when I'm playing with words I need instrumentals or get distracted by the lyrics. My time for bad reality TV is when I'm doing housework. I carry the laptop around the house depending on the room I'm in, and my fave TV for this are shows like Amazing Race, Survivor, or Top Chef.
    What type of music do you find works for different activities? As I said, I like instrumentals for writing; pop, 90s retro or country for driving; and pretty music with female vocals for walking. How about you?

  6. Elycia, Elycia, Elycia. You and your trashy shows. At least you know that the spectrum within the shows are bad. You're too cute! :]

  7. ....and I forgot to post my TV shows, the ones you two asked about from your readers.

    I REALLY like listening to motivational TV shows like Kimora Lee Simmons: Life In The Fab Lane, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Cake Boss,...just shows that make you want to work because they are working it. It is either that, or I just put on movies to listen to while I work.

  8. Yay a new Vlog!Trash TV has a place in everyone's life - they just don't admit it!

    When I'm blogging I can do it while I'm watching rubbish TV (like The Biggest Loser - oh dear!) or listening to music or with the boyfriend playing video games in the background. I seem to be able to shut myself off into the 'blogging zone'.

    When sewing or trying to learn how to crochet, I have to have complete silence as I'm a beginner and still trying to figure it all out! Knitting is great for The Big Bang Theory though!

    Jen x

  9. I tend to turn on Netflix when I'm working on stuff. I watch stuff like 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development. I went through a Biggest Loser phase too. I watched every.single.season. Usually when I'm writing or reading, it has to be quiet though. If I'm typing something and watching tv, I'll end up typing what I'm hearing instead of what I'm thinking and it can get messy!

  10. You guys are too cute together- these vlogs make me smile :)

  11. "Toddlers & Tiaras" is my daughters favorite show! lol (she's 10) and I love having Jersey Shore re-runs on in the background when I'm blogging. The norm in my house is the Disney channel though and maybe some hip hop or rap, while I do homework and I Crochet while watching the Big Bang theory.



  12. I don't have TV at the moment and it's better that way because I totally forget what I'm doing when I'm watching...
    When I'm writing on my blog I prefer the peace and quiet of silence, or I have to re-read everything hundreds of times to see if actually makes sense.
    To craft I love listening to music, preferably something I can sing along. Lately I've been into Flight of the Conchords - so fun!

    Filipa Sompy

  13. i'm all about the reality tv. i have to watch it while the boyfriend is at work though. :)

  14. Oh gosh, I always have something on. Pandora if I need to concentrate on what I'm doing, Netflix if I don't.
    I've had Supernatural on in the background almost all day today!

    I actually sit down and pay attention to Jersey Shore though. My boyfriend and I watch it online (we don't have cable) every week. I love it. lol

    1. Jersey Shore started as a trashy background thing but yeah...now I totally watch it while I'm exercising so I can pay more attention to it!

  15. When I'm sewing - on a machine or cutting out fabric I love to listen to music. In the UK we have a station called 6music which plays lots of awesome indie stuff so either that, or various spotify playlists I've created!

    However if I'm doing embroidery, any kind of hand sewing, cross stitch or knitting then I'm all about trashy tv! At the moment we have something here called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. If you haven't heard of it - then you should Google it right now! It's pretty crazy. I also try and use that time to watch anything my bf would hate like Gossip Girl! I'm also a massive fan of period dramas too so Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs!

    Funnily enough though, when I am blogging I prefer quiet. Maybe sometimes some music, but a lot of the time I like the silence so I can get lost in the words :)

  16. For me it's usually music if I'm writing or cooking, and tv when I'm crafting. I listen to different music too when I'm doing something creative than when I'm just driving around or whatever... Like when I'm actually listening to the music it's a lot of 80's and 90's metal and industrial, loud or odd stuff like that, but when I'm writing I listen to much mellower music, like Ane Brun, Joanna Newsom, Beirut, and even some bing crosby.

    If the TV's on I like the old Sherlock Holmes British shows and things like Medium and SVU. Stuff that my husband won't be pissed if I watch without him and I can listen to without feeling like I need to watch every second. ;)

  17. stereomood.com is a nice website instead of pandora. You get to pick your music based on your mood instead of an artist. Check it out maybe?

    Also, I work to bad reality tv. It's nice because I can listen in or tune out and it doesn't really matter because it's bad therefore easy to ignore but easy to catch up if catch yourself daydreaming.

    Love your blog.

  18. I really want to try my hand at vlogging soon! Not so sure I could be as funny as you 2 though ;)
    I've usually got music going on in the background for me, but honestly I can craft whenever. wherever!
    xo Heather

  19. I love to listen to comedy podcasts! I love My Brother My Brother and Me, and a lot of the Earwolf shows like Totally Laime, Who Charted, & Comedy Bang Bang. Also WTF with Marc Maron & the Joy the Baker podcast! If I'm knitting though, it's guilty pleasure t.v. :)

  20. You two are so fun together. As for my "background" I am pretty boring I guess. I have three dogs - (a scottie, a coon hound and a miniature weiner puppy she is only 4 months old so so cute!) anyway.. i grew up in a very quiet household. Both my grandparents were deaf and my dad was an only child. so he does not like loud noises - this way of life has followed me - i actually sit in silence a lot. i find that if something is on in the background i do get distracted. so anything blog related - or even working on my Etsy shop- silence - well as silent as it can be with 3 dogs terrorizing the house..

    when i crochet- which is every night, i do have on netflix. my husband and i do not have "tv". - we have a television in our bedroom that we can watch streaming netflix or dvds. and then we have a "movie room" in which we have a 110" screen and high end projector! its like going to the movie theater in your own house..so awesome.. so anyway..when i crochet - we usually have on some random documentary that we have found on netflix (we are nerds!)

  21. i ALWAYS have music on when i'm blogging, or Teenage Australian shows (haha! oh dear) i sure can't do it in the quiet, i think that for me silence is more distracting than noise!

    I always look forward to your vlogs!!!

    XoXo Jaydinn

    www.xoxojaydinn.blogspot.com :) My blog needs a little love :) Thanks!

  22. A lot of Friends & Gilmore Girls happens in the background of my blogging... or whatever my roomie is watching...

  23. I do the craft type suff in the dinning room, Blog in the living room, but like you guys I dont have the TV on. Mainly 80s rock on such as Fleetwood Mac on!!!! But my husband recently got a fish tank, so sometimes when I am blogging I tend to get mesmerised by these little fishies swimming around!!! So that can be distracting!!! So I try to block that out as our fush tank is close to the PC. I craft alone!!!! As I can make as much mess as I like without someone shouting at me!!!! Or comming in and again distracting me, thus making a mistake. So there you go. I tend to zone my hobbies. As I find that if you dont, you will drop that project and go and do something else.

  24. Hi Guys! another funny vlog! Love it!

    oh my god, one of my fave things to do is just watch weird documentaries on Channel 4, or 4OD! (www.channel4.com) but also in the Uk we have the awesome Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series which if you like trashy TV, and I mean, "car crash, can't take your eyes away from the TV, is this for real??" TV, then check it out! I think it might even be on Netflix now....or youtube probably too. So good!


    Jen xxx

  25. Loving these vlogs, Elycia! When I blog I usually have on random reruns of tv shows on Tvland or shows on the foodnetwork... a little dorky, I know! lol But it works for background noise that's not overly distracting as I'm very easily distracted. I do love putting on one of my favorite movies such as Coraline or The Holiday while blogging but inevitably it's always way too distracting.

    I recently just started crafting and love to craft at my kitchen table with some good music on in the background, such as The Civil Wars or Kimbra. I find it really relaxing to craft while singing along to some of my favorite songs. But I can never listen to music while blogging because I always end up sing along instead of writing lol. :)

  26. Oh god, I am SO about bad TV too. Mostly true crime shows which end up creeping me out but I still watch them. In my background while working I usually have three things: music, NPR and cat fights (real cat fights not the kind that happen on Jersey Shore).

  27. Oh man, I watch Beavis & Butthead and they make fun of Jersey Shore on their shoe, it is pretty funny. And that way I am able to watch/make fun of Jersey Shore without actually watching it. Did you know that Ambercrombie&Fitch paid the Jersey Shore crew to not wear their clothes?! Too funny!

  28. Oh hey you two! You seem to be in my dining room again - which is where I write my blogs AND have a craft/art corner...its pretty manic and full and I have to be careful to keep it tidy as otherwise we's be eating standing up but surrounded by beautiful handmade goodies!
    I listen to music, have lots of playlists on Spotify. I also listen to BBC Radio catchup programs (documentaries and specialist shows - latest one I listened to was on Reggae Music in the UK). Most of the time I can't hear a word because my sewing machine is going bananas on embroidery, but maybe I pick up a quarter of whatever is on...
    Music I love to get me making: Reggae, grunge, the smiths, fleetwood mac and 'plinky plinky' tunes like The Orb.
    I may well blog about it too :) x x

  29. Hey! So I'm new to your blog, but I'm in love already! So, as a senior in high school, I am a passionate artist that lives in our art room. When I'm in school I listen to music, but I find music with words to be distracting because I feel the need to at least mouth the words when I can't sing them. My favorite music to listen to is actually the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack (I love game soundtracks!). There are so many natural sounding tracks that it sends me into my own world. I listen to mostly the same thing at home, but when I have the TV on I have a habit of watching shows like America's Next Top Model (my guilty pleasure), Regular Show, Ben 10, and Adventure Time (because I'm obviously five years old lol) :)

  30. Great question! And I loved hearing about your dirty secrets (Toddlers in Tiaras! hehe!)Oh for shame!

    So, I tried to make a vlog in response to this and it turns out that I'm too shy to post it- not sure that vlogging is in my future. So, I'll just write my response instead :)

    I have a dirty secret which is that my car is full of fur because when my husband is home and I've got orders to work on, I'll bring them into the car to work on the hand stitching elements when we are out and about on the weekends. My car and sometimes my house looks like we may have a dog. But we don't ;P

    In terms of what I like to watch or listen to, I love to watch documentaries and talks because I find they are not too distracting but I learn a lot. I love TED Talks and BBC documentaries especially. I also like to watch entire series all at once. When I do this, I notice that I become a bit obsessed with the series for a time- watching three or four episodes back to back until the wee hours of the morning. Lately I've been watching Being Human on Netflix. It's a British Vampire/ Werewolf/ Ghostie show and it's great!

    1. aww! post it! vlogs are so fun!!

      I love watching an entire series at once too. If I have to wait a week between episodes sometimes I lose interest even if I love it!

  31. Hahaha awesome! I don't especially have awesome tips of whatever I ahve in the background when I'm blogging or else but I just wanted to tell you gus that seeing you actually "live on camera" makes me really happy, I loved your universe and your blog and it just feels like (I'm gonna sound super silly here..) we could be friends IRL :-)

    I wish I could meet you one day and spend some time discovering and laughing and on but since it's very unlikely to happen (unless if you come over to Switzerland, let me know!!!!), I'm really glad I get to see you on the video :-)

    Lots of love and take care and THANKS for your blog!!

  32. Honestly- mostly CSI ..some days it's just back to back CSI (and NCIS, I don't discriminate, hehe) but also sometimes the really bad stuff, yep I'm talkin toddlers and tiaras, if I'm at my sister's house we do watch that and also trashy dating shows that we get here in England. I'm not proud to admit any of this but hey, you asked! ;)

    Thanks for the vlog! It was very fun to watch :)

  33. I've never really been a TV junkie (Doctor Who is the exception!) and I absolutely cannot work with the TV on. I get way too distracted (in that "when did I stop working and start just sitting here watching TV?" sort of way). But I am a total music junkie. I listen to it constantly - when I'm stressed out and need to calm down; when I need to get motivated; when I need to fall asleep; etc.

    I have a lot of different stuff I listen to but I think my favorite stuff to listen to when I'm trying to be creative is Owl City. The majority of their songs are really upbeat and just fun! They get me excited and keep me motivated while I'm working. (And anyone who's ever read my blog knows what a humongous fan I am of the writer/lead singer/creator, Adam Young <3).

    I totally love these blogs! You girls even inspired me to film a vlog makeup tutorial. ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing these.


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