Tuesday, March 13, 2012

vlog :: How to keep your blog fresh when you need a breather

Chantilly and I are back to chat again about blog stuff!
We totally took our own advice on this one and filmed a TON of vlogs on one day (as I'm sure you can tell by our outfits!).

Do you have anything to add to this conversation? As always, leave a comment to share your thoughts!



  1. I'm finding these videos such a massive help! Something I have started doing is whenever I think "oht hat would be a good post" I go and write it as soon as possible and save it my drafts and then all if I get stuck all I need to do is take photos for it for that day! Hope there's plenty more of these to come! REVEAL YOUR SECRETS~

    robyncook.com xo

  2. You two are hilarious and adorable! I promise that one of these days I will overcome my shyness enough to do (and then actually post) a vlog.

    But I did however push my boundaries in the last couple of weeks and I started doing style posts. I feel like a complete nerd about it but whateves! Check 'em out, http://teetooblog.blogspot.com/search/label/my%20style

    The thing that I have started doing to be a more productive blogger is log into my blog whenever the inspiration strikes and start a new post that I save as a draft. Some days I'm overwhelmed with inspiration so I'll start four new posts! I'll just add some links and write a couple of words and then save it. That way I don't lose my blog topics list (I lose things constantly) and I have a big backup of posts to work on someday.

    Alas, when I pre-plan what I will write about, I never feel like writing about it (I think some psychological tricks are needed here- I don't like to follow my own advice- I'm a rebel).

    Enjoy the sunshine today!

  3. Loved your vlog! It had some great tips that I'm really excited to use!! Thanks gals, for being so helpful.

    Also, that kitten in your vlog is ADORABLE. I was laughing so hard when he was biting on Chantilly's sleeve. :)


  4. I started keeping a journal with me for noting down random ideas a while ago and I can only agree, it is a MASSIVE help!!

    As always, Love the tips!!


  5. Great content and lovely to see and hear you guys talk. I also couldn't help but love the kitten trying to attack Chantilly's elbow in the last minute or so...!

  6. agh! love it! another funny vlog full of great advice, I have actually just started to really get in to scheduling my posts and it is so much better! I can only get a couple of days ahead so far but its a start!

    However guys, that kitty is toooo distracting, when he was biting Thursdays elbow!? TOOO cute :D

    Thanks! Love Jen xx

  7. the best part of this video is the kitten gnawing on chantilly the entire time. so cute.

  8. Thanks for the tips. Another thing I've found to be quite helpful, whether it is for blogging in general or other things, is to keep a tiny notebook next to bed. I seem to get some pretty good ideas when I'm trying to sleep! :)

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  9. Definitely been needing this video! I just need a quick breather right now! Gosh!
    xo Heather

  10. Great advice and super cute kitten. <3

  11. Thanks again! :) I have been trying to brainstorm blog ideas and also get a bit ahead of myself. I have a lot of work to do. I appreciate the tips soooo much.

  12. I always love your vlogs you're sooo right to push them, pretty much every vlog I've ever seen has made me feel more of a human connection with the person who made it regardless of its content. That said, I'm still way too chicken to make one!

  13. Thanks for the vlog - some really great tips there. I'm quite shy and don't every really include photos of myself in my own blog (aside from the odd bit of hand or foot) so a vlog would be a bit too out there for me. What advice would you give on managing the balancing act of being personal to meaningfully engage with readers without putting yourself in a situation where you might offend your current or prospective employers and also generally protecting your privacy?

  14. I totally made my first vlog about a week ago inspired by you two's vlog posts!! It was a little scary, but kind of awesome too. I'm definitely going to do more!


  15. This is great, I like vlogs that make me chuckle, in a good way of course! You two are awesome and I'm really enjoying the vlogs! :)

  16. These are great. Seriously, there are bloggers I follow who have been blogging for much longer than me, and it seems like they're pros and have a whole staff working for them to make their blogs perfect! But hearing all these wonderful tips makes me realize that I can make a wonderful blog too on my own.


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  18. I love these vlogs! :) I'm still to afraid to do it, but I think I'll give it a go soon, though! ;-)

  19. I'm sure someone has mentioned this already, but I love they way you both say "out" and "about"

  20. That cat that was bitting Chantilly's arm is to cute!!!

  21. Right at the end "... the first one's free." <3 you guys!


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