Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. This dress from ModCloth's new Retro Honor Roll Collection.
I love the plain colour and I am imagining all kinds of fun colour combinations I could make with it!

4. Midge's glasses.
Midge is totally adorable, has an awesome name annnnd awesome glasses. So cute!

3. Crewel
I know I have probably mentioned that I love this before but now I have actually started a piece and I love it even more! I have been collecting crewel wool from the thrift stores for awhile now and I finally saw something that made me want to start embroidering immediately. I'm working on my own version of it and I can't wait to finish!

2. These wooden Twin Peaks brooches!
A blog reader (thank you Janey!) sent me a link to this blog that was talking about brooches from this shop. The shop is Katie's Little Store and these Twin Peaks brooches are not in stock at the moment but this pretty painting is!
I am such a sucker for anything Twin Peaks. 

1. And speaking of Twin Peaks.
Pretty cute.

Today I am at my mom's baking and she has no internet which is super weird. At least I have my phone if I need to look something up!

I hope everyone has a great day!



  1. These wooden Twin Peaks brooches are in fact really pretty! Thanks for that post!

  2. That "She's filled with secrets" brooch is gorgeous! But I'm a sucker for all things wooden... and ribbon...


  3. Haha, all this talk about Twin Peaks is making me think I should watch it...

  4. AHH! Your twin peaks goodies are so perfect! I need some! I also need to make myself a tie like that for my collared dresses.

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  6. Oops I messed that previous comment up, sorry. First off- There's a fish in the percolator. Secondly, I thought I'd share with you this little gem I came across the other day:

  7. Ahh thanks for including me, deary! <3

  8. I always like your link-ups and now I have to watch twin peaks, I've never seen it!

  9. I have been really wanting to get into embroidery! I love the vintage-y homemade feel that it gives to everything. I love the idea of embellishing the bottom of a skirt or the rim of a sun hat.

  10. I wish I could pull of glasses like that! - And maybe i should start watching Twin Peaks on Hulu? - It sounds a lot like The Killing.

  11. Hahaha!! I love that last print! That is my outlook on life. ;D

  12. Those brooches are so ridiculously cute!
    xo Heather

  13. I don't have enough patience for embroidery myself, but that design is gorgeous!

  14. yes, those glasses are just too CUTE


  15. That dress is so amazing! The tie is a dream.


  16. I'd love to have those glasses <3
    // followed !

  17. My mom did crewel embroidery when she was younger. With all of these embroidery posts I'm seeing around blogs lately, I really want her to teach me!

  18. Ack! Cutest Twin Peaks pins! I'm sad to see they are sold out on Etsy, but hopefully to be restocked (and bought by me) soon! Thanks for sharing Elycia! Your posts are so fun :)

  19. Ahh this is really cute - I am glad you guys like my brooches and I'm very happy to have found this blog! Gorgeous :) (Also there are lots of brooches back in stock at the moment!)


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