Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. Great dress.

Go-Go About Your Day Dress from ModCloth
Remember how I mentioned that you could get $20 off of your $50+ purchase from ModCloth until October 2nd if it was your first ever ModCloth purchase. Well, I lied. Ok, I didn't actually lie. It's just that now this awesome offer is extended until the end of October! So if you are thinking about jumping on the ModCloth bandwagon, now is a perfect time!

4. So pretty.

The little heads in the flowers are just the right amount of creepy mixed with cute.

3. This is equal parts cool and gross.
This is from Kelsi's trip to Seattle and like I said it is both awesome and disgusting.

2. I need to steal this outfit from Marisa.
I think i am the most crazy about the bag.

1. And one more outfit I want to steal.
Watch our Erin, I'm coming to steal your dress...and maybe your shoes while I'm there to make the trip extra worth my while.

Today I am finally back to my normal routine because my granny-sitting is over. I have a ton to catch up on including answering questions that some of you may have asked me in the comments of previous posts. So, if you asked a question in the last two weeks and I didn't answer it...check back later today or on the weekend!



  1. Aw, everybody quit tempting me with that great Modcloth deal! Haha, I already spent some money on new shoes yesterday. :p

  2. Hahaha Elycia I am going to have to be ever vigilant of my dress stash!! I seriously freaked out when this dress fit me, it was instant love when I saw it on the rack. Like I could walk away from those colours, pfft!
    Thanks for the mention, lovely!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm completely obsessed with that fox sweater. Where do people find such amazing sweaters?? I would love to add a fox one to my collection! And you're right, that purse is super cute too! Great picks this week :)

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  4. I agree - just the right amount of creepy and cute!

  5. Stuff with foxes on. I think I may well be developing a bit of a problem when it comes to stuff with foxes on. So adorbs!

    Alli xx

  6. Such a great deal! I haven't bought Modcloth yet, hmm...tempting. I love your faves.

  7. Such cute faves, especially Miss Marisa. Isn't she just the sweetest? :)


  8. That's a great print. That dress is cute too. Definitely your style.

  9. That gum wall is totally gross but also totally awesomeness. Anything Nintendo gets my heart beating a little faster <3. And that painting is just gorgeous, as is that first dress!


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