Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. These dresses from Emerging Thoughts are awesome.
The pattern on the first and last one are so cool and the shape of the middle dress is one of my all time favourites.

4. I love otters. This ring is adorable.

3. The little airplanes on this dress are so cute!
Too Much Fun Dress in Airplanes from ModCloth

I recently watched PanAm on Netflix and I loved it. I thought the characters were really interesting and of course I love to see the 60's outfits the ladies wear.
Oh yes, and of course I have to remind you about the awesome ModCloth promotion for first time customers.

2. I love this.
I came across this earlier in the week before it sold but even though it's not available anymore I had to share it. It is so pretty.

1. How cool are these!?
Cam to See the Tree Ornament from ModCloth
I am not at all in the mood for Christmas not even a little bit close...but these ornaments are just so neat!

I hope everyone has a great Friday!



  1. Oooh, I love this week's 5 fave friday.
    And oh my goodness, I love PanAm. Seriously the perfect show. I was so bummed when they cancelled it!!!
    XO Samantha

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  3. Oh my goodness!! Otters are absolutely one of my most favourite animals ever - that ring is gorgeous! The ET dresses are beautiful too and I really wanna try to make those ornaments this year!
    I'm up to Ep 8 of PanAm and I am so sad already cause once it's done... I'm loving it so much! The clothes, decor, undergarments... uuugghh swoon!
    Sway x

  4. That drawing really is amazing!

  5. i'm always in the mood for Christmas!! :) love those ornaments

  6. I LOVE that print, too bad it's already sold!! :(

  7. My friend does these awesome rings that look like dinosaurs curls around your finger! I am so amazed by her talent. But I hate to admit, I'd probs be using it to make something like that otter ring.

  8. I absolutely adore the Mary Ann Tea Dress!

  9. Ahhhhhh that Otter ring is SO CUTE!!!!!! I seriously need to add one of those to my ring collection. And I love that drawing of the girl embroidering. It's so simple, but so cute! Great picks this week :)

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  10. Everything is so cute, adorable and awesome! I love the ModCloth Dress. :D

  11. Number 2!!! Love <3
    xo Heather

  12. I have been cross stitching an otter all this week <3 Not literally cross stitching an otter, as they are pretty slippery and prone to being a bit bite-y... But doing a cross stich, of an otter. Which isn't as bitey.


    Alli xx

  13. Those dresses are all gorgeous!!

    <3 Melissa

  14. I have so many Kurt Halsey prints and a couple of tattoos inspired by his work. I have one of his prints of a girl sewing a stuffed cat on a sewing machine. It's so perfect <3


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