Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. Rachele's cute crochet collar pattern.
I need to make myself a few of these! Rachele has the pattern up on her blog but if you are not a crocheter then she is also selling some in her Etsy shop.

4. Thrive couches.
There are so many amazing choices but I think the Cleveland (first photo) and Nixon are my favourites.

3. This dress.
Monochrome for the Holidays Dress from ModCloth
You really can't go wrong with a black and white dress.

2. Pretty camera bags.

Both of these JoTotes bags (Betsy and Allison) are awesome.

1. So cute.
I just stumbled across this and I think it is so sweet. I love apples and hearts so it is a pretty good combo.

I hope everyone has a really good Friday. I'll be busy squeezing in everything I have to get done before the weekend.



  1. The brown bag looks so nice!

  2. that green couch!!! oh my god, is it beautiful. I love Thrive furniture!!

    Have a good weekend!


  3. That Cleveland couch looks so perfect to just lie on and watch tv :)

  4. I have that exact JoTotes bag (the Betsy) and I have to say I love it! Its super roomy and comfy. :)
    Love that modcloth dress. So cute.

  5. Thrive couches are *awesome* - I ordered one after I saw Kaylah feature them a couple months back (when they were on sale!) Got the Taylor Loveseat (which is pretty big...couch-size in my opinion) in that pretty vintage-y orange color. I love it!

    That apple photo is so cute. And it's making me hungry.

  6. Those couches! In love

    xo Ashley

  7. OK, I have decided that I must own that herringbone dress one day. For sure!


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