Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. This cute image that Amber sent me a link to.
Cats are so silly.

4. This plain white dress is really pretty.
Passing Glances Dress from ModCloth

I love plain dresses because you can do so many different things with them!

3. I am crazy about Kate's illustrated outfit post.
So cute! Oh yeah, did you know that Kate is ModCloth's Blogger of the Moment at the moment? So exciting!!

2. Kris Atomic has some really adorable illustrations.
Seeing really awesome drawings makes me feel like drawing!

1. This dress is so pretty!

It snowed again last night so things look pretty again around here. Last night while the snow was falling it was those really big snowflakes that make everything look sparkly. It was really beautiful! Not so beautiful is having to shovel the driveway but Ivan did it once last night so a quick once over is all it really needs.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!



  1. haha! Yes, that cat brain drawing is completely accurate!! :) And I love that yellow dress + Kate's illustrations!! Happy Friday Elycia!! xo

  2. The white dress has me dreaming of summer... white eyelet fabric is so dainty and beautiful :)

  3. hahaaha. The cat brain is hilarious.
    That mustard dress is adorable!

  4. I tried on a mustard yellow dress at the charity shop yesterday, but it was too short and the neckline was a little high. That last photo makes me want to go get it and fix it up with some lace.

  5. ha, i love that cat chart! one of my cats has no problem with a vacuum cleaner, but is deathly afraid of my guitar. i pull it out, and she goes running into the next room! x

  6. The tears came to my eyes with the cat brain image xD I love specially the part it says " Search and destroy lobe for expensive imported textiles and ceramics" xD

    The dress it's really gorgeous. And the pictures of the sketchbook oh Kris atomic are just lovely. :D


  7. I just pinned that cat brain diagram this week! It's so true ;) Such a great bunch of finds this week! I'm so jealous of your snow too, we broke heat records yesterday. Hottest day... ever. Ugh.

  8. illustrations is amazing.. Loveee the sketch..

  9. Those drawings are so cute...make me feel like drawing too! Love the dress in the bottom pic too, but perhaps a different colour like red would look cool.


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