Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cats :: One of these is not mine

Pinny is on recovery today from her surgery and is doing very well. Right now she is snoozing beside me with her little cone on. I am sad to say that Farva and Anakin are being horrible big brothers to Pinny; hissing and smacking her when she walks by. Those boys need some manners. Really they just don't like the smell of the vet that Pinny brought back with her.
But enough about my cats! I want to show you Ivan's brother's cute little kitten Bella. I really with I had taken some photos of Bella when he first brought her home but it is always dark by the time we get there for dinner. She was the teensiest little kitten! Here are a few photos from Christmas.
I love how black cats always have a little tuft of white fur somewhere. It is adorable.

So my thrift trip yesterday was a total bust. It has actually been a while since I have ventured out to the thrift stores and yesterday was a horrible way to return to it. Maybe it is because Christmas just finished, but the store I went to was bare! Oh well, at least I dropped off my donations and didn't replace them with all new things. 

Today I am continuing to empty my office and get it ready for some rearranging while dealing with the stuffiest, drippiest nose ever. I don't feel like I have a cold but my nose is constantly getting plugged. Gross!

Have a good Thursday!



  1. Bella is such a cutie. do feel better soon! ( :

  2. Bella is adorable! I love black cats, their eyes are always so pretty in contrast with their coats! I'm sorry about your nose, I'm just getting over a cold myself! I hope you get well soon!

  3. Bella is so cute! I had a black cat once, Kiss was his name, and he also had some little white hair in the middle of the darkness of his fur.

    Hope Pinny get well. Tomorrow she will herself, you will see. :)

    Get well from that nose :P


  4. Good luck to Pinny! That little black cat is so cute, I was JUST thinking about how they have cute white tufts then I read that sentence, hee! Hope your little cold goes away soon, I've been pluggin up my nose all week too, blegh!


  5. I always thought that black cats had white, but my Nico is completely black! Sometimes you find a single white hair, which is supposed to be good luck, they are far and few between.

    Very gentle hugs for Pinny :) I posted about cats today too, must be the new "Caturday" - Thursday -oh! Purrsday. I'm hilarious ;)

    1. My black cat Jinx is also completely black with not a single speck of white

  6. Awww I hope your boys are nicer to Pinny!! Maybe they can tell the difference in her? I'm sure it'll pass! I hope Pinny feels better too!!

    Bella is so cute!! I wish I had a black cat! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  7. You're so right about the black cats with white fur.
    Funny story though, about our black cat...
    When he was a baby, he was tiny. Itsy bitsy! We're thinking runt of the litter.
    Well, the little white tuft of fur on his neck as a baby as traveled and is now just above his cat-nads. (Well, if he weren't neutered, they'd be above them... Lol.)
    He is HUGE now. Like... thick and large. Just a big (and fat!) cat all a-round. Heh.

  8. Farva and Anakin need to realize that the vet did not come along with Pinny, or they would be in trouble for swatting and hissing at her.

    Bella is totally adorable! We're going to be adopting a black kitten in the next month or so when we get our taxes to add to our addition at home.

  9. Oohh, that is a sweet little kitty! And Pinny's paws are so cute. I hope she recovers (and rescents?) quickly!
    And I know what you mean about bare thrift stores. I was visiting in Toronto so I hit up a couple stores near my boyfriends place that are normally pretty great spots, but all I made out with was a brooch and a couple clip on earrings. They're super blinged out costume jewelry so I'm still really pleased about it, but having gone for some sweaters I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed! Heheh now to wait for all those Christmas gifts people didn't want to be donated...


  10. Thrifting has been a bust for me too lately. Word was post-Christmas is supposed to be a great time to thrift since people are all "let's clean out my closet and donate the gifts I got but didn't like" but I've yet to see that take place! Here's to better luck in 2013.

  11. So cute!

  12. So cute! And my first cat had a little patch of white like that too:)

    Also, I don't think I've wished you a happy new year yet. I hope 2013 will be a wonderful year for you!

  13. Such an adorable kitten! Sorry to hear that thrifting yesterday didn't go so well. x

    <3 Melissa

  14. bella is adorable! i hope your nose gets better! i couldn't breathe for three days over christmas and then someone told me to try this nasal spray called afrin and it worked wonders. good luck with your office— i'm doing the same thing this weekend!

  15. I hope Pinny bounces back from her surgery.
    I know how tough it is to see your cat in a cone. My cat had surgery after getting attacked by two pit bulls. He had to have most of his tail removed but he is doing great. Cats are really amazing. :D

  16. Awww, everytime I see a black cat I wish I had one. But I can't have them all. Anyways, the kitten is so cute!

  17. Oh my goodness, kitties!
    I really wish I could own one...


  18. I love black cats! So cute!

    Hehe, yeah, I usually buy even more things at Goodwill after dropping off donations. oops.


    Twin Peaks could be coming back, just thought you'd like to know!

  20. I wish Pinny a speedy recovery! And for her brothers to be a little nicer. :P
    Bella is just precious too, btw! I love little black cats and their tufts of white fur.

  21. Oh, that black kitten is just too adorable! She reminds me of my dearly departed black cat, Midna. Black cats hold a special place in my heart :)

  22. Bella is so cute! <3 Kitties with their tufts of fur... so adorable. Well, I wish Pinny a good recovery and for her brothers to be nicer :P .

  23. Oh my, Bella resembles my Logan in the last picture! They have the same white tuft on their chest!


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