Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I Wore :: Pink & Blue

:: head to toe :: 
glasses :: Warby Parker
necklace :: Stickman
shirt :: thrifted
dress :: Old Navy
belt :: c/o ModCloth
tights :: Walmart

I really love all the colours that my hair is turning as it is fading. Although it definitely is fading it is still super bright and I am very impressed that it is holding so well. I guess I have been helping it out by really minimizing washings but I am still impressed with it's staying power. Also, my hair is getting so much healthier!

I wore this outfit around the house the other day...that's why I'm not wearing shoes. I don't normally wear shoes in the house. Not that we have a strict "no shoes" rule, it's just that I like to curl up my toes while I'm sitting and that's hard to do wearing shoes.

Oh and one last thing. I am a pretty big fan of my nails at the moment. I saw this design online and it is called raffian. The best part is, you don't even need to use nail stickers to do it. It is so easy and I can't wait to try more colour combinations.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday!

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