Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. This dress is so pretty!
Author Outings Dress from ModCloth
The colour is great and it looks like it is a nice length.

4. So I don't know if I'm kind of behind (I always am) or what but I just found out about Zinio. They are a really cool digital magazine website that allows you to subscribe to and then read your favourite magazines on any digital device.
So neat! And...right now my friend Andrea is doing a giveaway for a subscription to your favourite magazine.

3. This little family is so cute!

2. I have this Danny Brito print and I love it. I may love it even more on a tote bag!

1. These birthday photos that Rebecca took are so pretty!

I hope everyone is having a good Friday! I have some cats to snuggle, and some terrible reality television to catch up on...very important stuff.



  1. I loved the Rebecca birthday photos :)

    Snuggle well your cats! I have to make some statistical tests -.- What a joy!

    Good Friday!


  2. ooooh!! I love that yellow dress and that last photo is so beautiful!!

  3. I saw that dress on Modcloth, I love it too! Also, those birthday photos are very cool! xx

  4. The dress is very pretty, same with the drawing on the tote bag! Lovely.

    I just wanted to say that it is a pleasure to be able to read a fun blog from another southern Ontarian. Keep up the great work! I hear you guys are getting hammered in Hamilton! It is a snow day here in Niagara so, movie day! Hurrah!

  5. The last one is perfect!

    alice c'n'r

  6. oooh those bday photos by Rebecca are just gorgeous!

  7. Pretty much everything Danny draws slays me!

  8. The library system I work for just subscribed to Zinio. I don't have a cell phone or a personal laptop, so I haven't used it much, but it is a pretty cool service. Particularly if you like an article here and there. And if your local library system has it, it is freeee!

  9. Zinio is really cool. I found out about them a while ago when they were offering free mag subscriptions. I can't get enough of reading magazines. I used to have at least 10 paper subscriptions back in the day and it really got on my parents nerves ;)


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