Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I Wore :: New shoes, new shoes

 photo bluepurplehair_zps60b0e04c.png
 photo turquoisevintageskirt_zps11aeab7c.png
 photo purplesweater_zpsa6874a3a.png
 photo hairandsweater_zps5da0d675.png
 photo polkadots-2_zpsc9dfc763.png
 photo bluehair-1_zps1a23ad9d.png
 photo blowfishshoes-6_zps3ef73818.png
:: head to toe ::
glasses :: Coastal
cardigan :: Charter School Cardigan in Orchid c/o ModCloth
shirt :: Forever 21
belt :: thrifted
skirt :: thrifted
tights :: Walmart
shoes :: Quite c/o Blowfish

I am totally crazy about these new shoes from Blowfish and I can't wait for the snow to get the heck out of town so that I can wear them outside instead of just around my living room. They are super comfy and such a great colour that I know they will go with just about everything.

When I got pregnant I had the idea that I would not buy any maternity clothes because I have so many things that would work well and get me through. While I still think that a lot of my clothes will work well (see, this skirt totally works) I am really happy that I picked up two pairs of jeans. The weather has been so yucky that I have been wearing jeans a lot more than normal and having that stretchy fabric to pull up over my expanding stomach is so comfortable. Not to mention it adds an extra layer for cold days! I don't really know why I'm mentioning this in a post where I am clearly not wearing these jeans that I love so much. It just popped into my head.

Have a good Thursday!


PS. The winners of the Hungry Designs giveaway are...Blue Eyed Night Owl, Ms. Megan & Anna.


  1. Your hair is lovely on these pictures. I absolutely adore this color.

  2. Your entire outfit is gorgeous.

    I'm in love with your record player!

    And wishing for warmer weather for you : )

  3. Dude, you have such nice lighting in your living room!!

  4. Love the colors of this outfit! And I'm digging your new hair a LOT. Simply adorable!

  5. I guess every pregnant body's different, but it felt like EVERYONE I knew told me that they could wear mostly non-maternity clothes for their entire pregnancy.

    Let me be the first to warn you that it might not be a reasonable plan.

    You look adorable here, and your skirt still fits you now, but your bump is so tiny still!

    By week 22, only one or two regular sized pieces still fit me, and it's very questionable as to whether or not they look any good! As my bump (and breasts!) grew, my proportions changed, and what looked good on me changed.

    At week 18 I could wear a normal length blazer or cardigan, but now they stick out like wings from the sides of my bump and make me look comically wide--like an oompa loompa.

    I was so much happier once I committed to maternity (as you found with your jeans!)

    It's EXTREMELY difficult to find well-made, quirky maternity clothes, but may I suggest ASOS?

    This post was long and rambling. I'm sorry I'm not more coherent today. Baby brain, perhaps.

    Anyway, your hair looks fantastic.

  6. You look so pretty Elycia!! I love this outfit and this skirt looks amazing - I love the way you pair colors + patterns together!!
    PS YAY!!! I'm so excited that I was one of the Hungry Designs winners!!! eeeeep!! That totally made my Thursday right there!! :)

  7. Those shoes do look super comfy! And I love the details on your belt!

    Be Like The Fox

  8. I love all the colors you got goin' on here! And your hair looks so great. Congrats on the pregnancy, how exciting!

  9. You're so adorable! Love this outfit and those wicked new shoes!

  10. You're an inspiration to me! Thanks for blogging! <3

  11. So cute! The cardigan looks stellar with your hair :)

  12. Love this outfit and your hair looks beautiful!!!

  13. When I was pregnant I didn't really buy many maternity clothes either, just a couple of pairs of pants. I mostly bought dresses and tops that weren't maternity in a bigger size than I would usually wear. You look fantastic!


  14. That skirt!!!!!! It is killer! So spring! I can't wait for spring. Is it obvious?

  15. Love the shoes & belt with this outfit & that first photo is so frickin' cute!

    <3 Megan

  16. I just have to say that your hair looks fantastic! It's really making me miss my blue...

  17. I L O V E that belt and skirt together. Sooo cute! And it is so awesome that your hair is the same shade as your outfit :). Totally want to have your hair one day.

  18. Awww yeah maternity jeans! For a year after I had my kiddo I wore them around because they're so damn comfy.

    Also DAT BELLY <3

  19. Congrats on your pregnancy! :)And you're hair is so adorable, such an awesome color.

  20. how nice this outfit! I love the belt is so pretty and elegant.
    I have a pair of shoes similar and can be combined with all.

    alice c'n'r

  21. Haha, the random part about the jeans at the end made me giggle. That randomness is why I think you're so awesome! ;) Stay cool and stay comfy!

  22. that skirt is beautiful!!! The colour is the best, especially with the purple :)


  23. Awesome outfit - and shoes! :)

  24. You look so lovely! That skirt totally works! :)


  25. This is such a cute outfit!! And I LOVE your hair! It looks great on you.



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