Monday, March 25, 2013

Photos :: 365

77/365 :: This is usually what happens when I try to take photos of Anakin relaxing. Hes gets up and walks away.
78/365 :: I have been enjoying some spicy miso soup pretty much everyday lately. It is so good!
79/365 :: Pinny loves snuggling right up beside Farva.
80/365 :: Farva being handsome.
81/365 :: One of my favourite snacks.
82/365 :: Ivan and Farva making a very important business deal.
83/365 :: The first time I took this photo the calendar was on the wrong date. Sometimes I forget what day it it.
We had a busy but fun weekend which included doing a really good house clean up. I love having a clean house. Well, it will be clean again once I do the dishes from last night.

Have a good Monday.



  1. Oh my goodness, that picture of Ivan and Farva is TOO CUTE.

  2. The photo of Ivan and Farva is just too cute.

  3. your kitties are such cuties!! xx

  4. Ah loved the photo of Ivan and Farva :)

    I love to have a clean house too, but sometimes the lazyness is too much :X


    Sofia G

  5. Oh, I LOVE that wall calendar! It looks vintage... where did you find it?

    PS. I saw your happy news a few weeks ago, but didn't have a chance to comment. Congratulations! :D

  6. Aww that picture of Ivan & Farva is so funny! =)

  7. Every time I try and get a picture of my cat, she gets up and walks away too, haha! But I love looking at your 365 pictures, they are great :)

    You're In Brookelynn

  8. Love Farva!! He IS very handsome.
    I don't know about you, but if my hubby and kitty are making some kind of business deal - I know there is trouble afoot.

  9. aaaawww!! Ivan + Farva are so adorable!!! <3

  10. I never know what day it is either. A few months back, I sent a message to a customer on Etsy wishing them a happy Monday! He was like,
    "Um, where on Earth do you live? Because where I am it's Thursday!"
    Ha! I may live in another dimension and perhaps you do too. Clocks and calendars are useless there.
    Wonderful photos! Your 365 is coming along so great!

  11. Aw, photo 80 and 82! So gorgeous!!!
    I always love the photos you take of your cats!

  12. Everyone else has said it, but that picture of Ivan and Farva is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. And that soup looks delicious!

    xox Sammi

  13. I love having a clean house, but not cleaning it :D One of our dogs really hate photos and always hides when I get out the camera, but she hasn't figured out that I can take photos with my phone. Hahaha.

  14. love them all.....want that wooden calender and those bowls in the the cat the bed linen.....sigh, kinda love it all really xxxx

  15. Totally off topic, what's in your Pyrex bowls to display them so perfectly?
    Also, I have those 3 exact ones :)

  16. I love that photo of Pinny and Farva's butts right next to each other, aww so much cat love.

    Do you make your miso soup or is it from a store? What kind? It looks so delicious and perfect for the colder weather hitting again


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