Thursday, March 7, 2013

What I Wore :: After sleeping all day

 photo bluehairgreencardigan_zps6a2ebe28.png
 photo hungrydesignsbrooch_zpsef6ec275.png
 photo safetypinbelt_zps57b40dc3.png
 photo turquoisetightssaddleshoes_zps6c556cdf.png
 photo bluepurplehair_zpsb66406f4.png
 photo saddleshoes_zpse55f79c4.png
 photo CatShow_zps5e5b4ae3.png
:: head to toe ::
glasses :: Coastal
dress :: Forever 21
cardigan :: Target
brooch :: c/o Hungry Designs
belt :: c/o ModCloth
tights :: Urban Outfitters
shoes :: c/o ModCloth

That last photo is a little something I like to call 'Cat Show'. It's were I pick up the cats, hold them like that and say 'cat show!'. I like to see how long they are. They like it too.

So, I had really great plans on all of the things I was going to get done yesterday but then after I got my blog post up for the day I decided that I needed to lay down for a few minutes because I wasn't feeling too great. I ended up sleeping for like 3 hours. Then I got up, was mortified at what time it was, had lunch then went back to lay on the couch for a few minutes...and I fell asleep again. I slept for another 2 hours! I couldn't believe how tired I was. I felt like a total zombie. When I finally got up for good I decided that I needed to do my hair and makeup and get dressed and take some outfit photos so I didn't feel like a total loser. I guess my body really needed the extra rest! That baby boy must be growing up a storm.

Today my goal is simple: don't sleep all day.



  1. What an adorable outfit!! I love the color of your tights!! =)

    My boyfriend does that with his cats too! He'll elongate them and move them through the air like a wave! It's so funny! =)

  2. oh my.. I Lovee your belt, it's so gergeous.. Smart pict.. :D

  3. Love the outfit! Very pretty with the brooch too.

    In my head, when you wrote "Cat Show" I just picture a gymnasium full of people dong this with their cats and judges walking around judging the cats on their length and posture while the crowd watches like they are watching golf and the news reporters comment on how the judges are scoring the cats, very seriously, of course. :)

  4. I love your dress. So beautiful, and your belly it's starting to show so fast. It's natural, you need to rest for two now, and it's in this fase that the rate of growing it's faster I think!

    My boyfriend does the same with my cat Sam... But my cat I think has heights fear, and he start to "meow" like crazy.


    Sofia G

  5. lovely outfit! I love your belt <3
    alice c'n'r

  6. Very beautiful this dress ... black, but super soft, delicate ... headless cat?

  7. HAha I love the idea of Cat Show. I should do that with the dogs. Also - your kitteh kind of looks like he's missing his head in the shot and I thought part of the Cat Show was you photoshopping their heads out. Hm. Anyhow - you look ADORABLE in this dress. And I've been loving your hair lately, I gotta say.

  8. Those shoes are the cutest, and I love the picture where you are holding up the kitty (is that Pinny?)! I love the little "cat show!" game. My boyfriend does that to both our cats, but for some reason, we refer to it as them being some sort of fish (I guess because they are so long, it's like they're a trout or something). Silly. Sounds like you needed the rest, mama-to-be!


  9. That brooch is adorable! I have to say I love the last photo with the cat. :P So funny.

  10. For a while my boyfriend and I were going to bed later and later every day and sleeping most of the morning. But we're getting back to normal again now :)

  11. Your Hungry Designs brooches are really awesome and make me want to practice my shadow puppetry. :)

    Cat Show presents: The Amazing Headless Cat!

    Apartment 203

  12. bahaha! I love you + your cat in that last photo! :) This dress is so pretty and I love your little shadow puppet brooch!! xo

  13. That happens to me more than I would like to admit! I'll lie down for a quick 30 minute nap and end up sleeping 3 hours!
    Also, that picture of you and your cat= hilarious and awesome! haha


  14. That brooch! That cat! All wonderful :)

  15. firstly you look beautiful, secondly sleep if you need to.... sleep! i had extreme 1st trimester sleepiness with all 3 of my pregnancies. never sickness but the tiredness was crippling! really, sleep if you need's fine. hugs and again you look beautiful as well as growing a new and miracles rolled into 1, you clever girl xxxx

  16. Bahahaha. That last picture is amazing!

    I love your dress, also!


  17. You're just the cutest... and I really, really want your dress. It's gorgeous!

  18. I just ran across your blog and thought I'd say hello! I love all the pretty colors in this outfit post. And the 'Cat Show' trick is so cute! I may blog about my dogs, but I can always appreciate an adorable kitty!


  19. i remember the first few months of my pregnancy. all i wanted to do aaaaaalllll day long was sleeeeeeep. i couldn't even help it, my eyes would just close by themselves. lol. it's good that you take some time to rest. btw, your outfit is lovely... and that little baby bump of yours is totally hot. (:

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  20. Sweet outfit. It's cool to see what other pregnant mummas are wearing. I'm trying to stay to true to me and my style and aesthetic wearing as much vintage, thrifted and hand me down pieces and combinations as possible. I loath the majority of modern maternity clothes.

    Stay cute.

  21. I love the color of your tights!!
    Oh, I nominated you for a VBA! Don't feel as though you have to do it I just wanted to let you know.

  22. So adorable, you don't even look pregnant!

  23. Oooh I love the safety pin belt! And I do what I call "accordian cat" to my cats, where I lift them like that and then squish and stretch them out, but they don't like it much haha.


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