Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pregnancy :: 27 Weeks

27 weeks 2 days in photo

This past week has been the first week that I have started to feel a little uncomfortable. It's not an all day thing but by the evenings I can definitely tell I'm pregnant. Bending over is still absolutely doable but it is not as comfortable as it normally is. I'm still feeling pretty good in general though so I'm happy about that!

We started our prenatal classes this past week and I really like them so far. Like I said before, I find pregnancy really interesting so I am always eager to learn more about it. Oh, one interesting thing about our prenatal class...there are 5 couples and 4 of us are having boys! The other couple is planning to be surprised so who knows, it could be a boy too. This is definitely the year of boys.

I don't think I have any other exciting pregnancy related news this week! Have a good Sunday!



  1. Awhh, you are a week ahead of me! I know exactly what you mean with the bending, I can do it but it just leaves me feeling uncomfortable! I've found myself getting exhausted not tired, after a day of work then home chores. You are lucky doing prenatal classes so early! We only get three and those arent until 32 weeks! I have no idea what to expect! xxx

  2. You're starting to get so big! You must be excited. How are you guys doing your nursery? You should post about it!

  3. Your bump is coming along very sweetly. Snaps to boys we are having another little boy too. Keep in enjoying the ride it's magical.

  4. The belly it's growing so much. So cute!! Any ideas for boys name?

    Sofia G

  5. that top shot you can almost see the baby! the shape of a back, i can imagine him! its so exciting x

  6. YAY! I have dropped off the blog face of the earth for awhile because I also found out I was expecting and had a baby boy (Henry) in February. I just starting catching up on my favorite blogs and read your news! SO EXCITING! CONGRATS! I would love to send you some of my handmade onesies for little baby boy on the way and/or chat all things baby/mommy :)
    Contact me if interested!
    You are just too cute with that baby bump!


  7. Aww look at you!!! You look great and that's awesome about all of you having boys in your class! =)

  8. beautiful - LOVE the dress too. pretty pregnant women! :)


  9. I really love seeing your belly growing :) and it's really interesting to read your thoughts about pregnancy. Congrats to you guys!

  10. Hooray for boys!
    They make such great snugglers and the first time they tell you you're beautiful.....
    You just don't ever get over it.
    Sigh, love my little guy!

  11. Do you have any colour plans for your hair after the baby?

    1. Nothing specific, I will definitely be touching up my roots though!


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