Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Wore :: Teal for SAAM

 photo polkadotdress_zpsb3738dc0.png
 photo SAAM_zpsa8aa4e94.png
 photo tealsaam_zpsb417c0a2.png
 photo courderoyconverse_zps0600487c.png
 photo glassescardigan_zps37fde740.png
:: head to toe ::
headband :: freebie from ModCloth
glasses :: Firmoo
necklace :: Stick Man Jewelry (it's a guitar)
top :: Forever 21
cardigan :: c/o ModCloth
belt :: thrifted
jeans :: Old Navy Maternity
shoes :: Converse (from Winners)

Just a kind of casual outfit that includes some teal to show my support for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A while back Katie contacted me about participating in this 'day of action' by wearing teal and blogging about it. Katie will be posting more information about Sexual Assault Awareness Month on her blog later today but if you are interested in learning more you can also visit the offical website.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday. This weekend tricked me into thinking that it would be warm all week but it was cold yesterday and will be again today. Looks like it should warm up by the end of the week though and I am so happy about that. I can't wait to go for walks without getting bundled up!



  1. It's freezing here in the Falls too. It friggin' sucks. Cute cardigan!

  2. I love the cardigan! It's so cute! And you rock the preggy belly very nicely :D

  3. You look so adorable! And for such an amazing cause! you go girl!


  4. I've never heard of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Thank you for the link- It's a cause very close to my heart so I'll definitely be helping the cause.


  5. aww you are so cute. Lovely cardigan. ;)

  6. I will more than likely be participating in this. :) Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    xo Ashley

  7. I have that same cardigan! I didn't realize that teal was the color for SAAM - thank you for posting about it! And I never know what to do with those ModCloth headbands so I'm glad you gave me some inspiration :)

    xox Sammi

  8. You look so cute, adorable <3

  9. You look so pretty! That cardigan is one of my favorites, and I have a very similar headband - they're so much fun! I love the retro look with your hair up and the tie in it - that's how I usually wear mine. ;)

    Thanks so much for participating in this! It really made my day! ♥

  10. Teal is one of my favourite colours - it's what I've tried to do with my hair.
    I'll be able to add 'supporting SAAM' to my list of reasons for teal hair.


  11. It is FINALLY getting warm here in the Lou(St. Louis). I have been waiting! Last year at this time we were having a warm front and it was in the 90s, and this year its barely been in the 50s!




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