Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photos :: Our Sunday

On Sunday I ended up taking a bunch of photos throughout the day. It wasn't a particularly exciting day or anything, just a freezing cold day in the middle of May!
 photo grapevines_zps82b3947b.png
On Saturday we cut Ivan's grandma's grapes for her and grabbed a clipping to plant in our yard. We still need to decide where to plant them.
 photo backyard_zps2e314b20.png
Our grapes, one of the pear trees and Ivan surveying the backyard.
 photo peartree_zpsb6449005.png
One of our pear trees blooms sooner than the other for some reason. This one still has lots of blossoms while the other one is pretty much all leaves now.
 photo stopthecold_zpscefa5eb6.png
We went for a walk and I wanted to have photo evidence of how bundled up we were. It was so cold out! That is my "I'm mad about how cold it is" face.
 photo pinkflowertree_zpsaeb3e4b5.png
Last week this tree had red buds all over it and now it has the prettiest pink flowers.
 photo rootbeeringredients_zps20797908.png
 photo makingrootbeer_zps752eb9de.png
After our walk Ivan talked me into making root beer. It always smells amazing and then ends up tasting a bit off. We just tasted this one last night and it's the same story. It tastes good but then has this thing about it that makes your mouth feel really dry. We need to figure out what is making that happen so that we can make totally delicious root beer!

Despite being freezing out, Sunday was a good day!



  1. I feel your pain about how cold it is, Oshawa is just as bad. In fact, Sunday we had 5 hail storms! Crazy right? Mother nature sure works in weird ways.

    As for your root beer, if you ever find the perfect recipe please share! :)

    1. Yes! We had hail and snow pellets on Sunday and Monday. They didn't last long but it was frustrating!

      Oh I will share it if we ever find a really delicious one.

  2. Cute photos... and the weather in the South West of England is NO better! :( Rosie x


  3. Your mad face is cute haha...:) Even here in Greece it's cold and sometimes raining. What's up with the weather?

  4. Wow, you don't even look pregnant in that pic! I hope that baby is keeping you warm.

    1. Ha! Yep, he's keeping me warm :) Other than my coat being much shorter than normal because of my belly I agree! I don't look very pregnant from the front.

  5. I noticed that Ivan is wearing the Hoodie that matches your wall... :)


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