Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Photos :: Aquarium of Niagara

Today I thought I would share some photos from the Aquarium of Niagara. It was a pretty small aquarium but there were a bunch of pretty fish and I also learned that there are some fish that don't have eyes (because they live in the dark and don't need them). Maybe this isn't new information to anyone else but I thought it was pretty cool!
 photo fish_zps1bd1b8e5.png
 photo brightfish_zpsd70afaa3.png
 photo fishy_zpsc3594d6f.png
 photo penguins_zpsbb98de54.png
This next photo is just so terrible I have to share it. As Kaylah mentioned, anywhere that had "photo ops" in Niagara Falls also had the worst lighting possible. Also, the penguin I was standing behind was really tall!
 photo kaylahelyciapenguins_zps5202dc75.png
 photo shark_zpsc7591319.png
 photo smilingfish_zps3a057e84.png
 photo spinyfish_zps7808f686.png

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday. I plan on washing some baby clothes and diapers today. We just got some bins for the bottom layers of the change table so now I feel like they need to be filled. Also, I'm exactly one month away from my due date so I better finish up these last minute things!



  1. There are some NASTY crazy fish deep in the sea, they are disgusting! Haha! I've watched a lot of deep sea documentaries and they never fail to amaze/disturb me.

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

  2. I love all the colors captured in these photos! I'd live to visit Niagara Falls some day

  3. I love the cute little fish!


  4. You and Kaylah make such funny pinguins :P
    Sofia G


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