Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hair :: Bleached again!

 photo tealhair_zpse5eccc4d.png
 photo brighthair_zpscf810c2a.png
 photo purplepinkbluegreenhair_zpsede43841.png
A few weeks ago I finally bleached my hair for the first time in nine months! I was planning on dyeing it light pink but my roots took so much bleach that I wasn't able to pull any through to the ends and my hair was still really bright blue in lots of spots. So instead I used whatever I had hanging around in the cupboard because I didn't have enough of any one colour to do my whole head. The top is blue and green mixed together, then purple and pink mixed and then pink. 

I am really excited about other hair possibilities now that I'm back to bleaching. When I am able to leave Milo for a few hours I plan on doing the top layer white again and just doing colours on the bottom. Exciting!

Have a good Tuesday!


  1. It looks amazing!


  2. I love how many colors you used on it. They all look so good together.

  3. I like it! I am always a huge fan of really multi-colored dye jobs. The maintenance is more than I could handle, but I live vicariously through everyone else. Really, I'm just too lazy to have cool hair, let's just admit that.

    I love the greeny-teal up top!

  4. Love the color combo! Sometimes I miss having pink hair... dang bleach allergy.

  5. I love that you're so daring with your hair colors! This looks beautiful, by the way. :)

  6. Oooh! I love the colours, esp. the bits of purple-pink at the bottom.

    - Sasha

  7. i have pink and purple at the moment, but I wanted to put a little teal in because they're my football team colours and I'm going to the game in a few weeks.
    You've just confirmed my suspicion that it will look awesome.

  8. This question probably shows my lack of knowledge in baby related matters, but how come you didn't bleach your hair during pregnancy?

    1. It's not known for sure whether or not it's safe. It might be fine but I just wanted to be extra careful.

  9. you look amazing and beautiful as always lady!

  10. I looks awesome, wish I could pull off multicoloured locks!

  11. I wondered about dying your hair while pregnant. I color my hair too, though no bright colors at the moment, dye is still dye and I wondered if it's safe.

    Your hair looks awesome by the way. :)

  12. Loving the new hair, can't wait until I can work from home and set my love of brightly coloured hair free!

    Chrissy Sparkle


  13. wow it looks so beautiful, you look amazing! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  14. It looks beautiful!!
    argh, I can't wait to be able to bleach my hair again (Im avoiding it too just to be safe!) I couldnt deal with the regrowth from about 16 weeks so it's boring brown until after christmas! :)

  15. This comment is way late, but I just have to say that that color combination is BADASS.

  16. I love the rainbow hair! The purple and pink peek-a-boos are so awesome!


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