Thursday, July 4, 2013

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I am so excited that our garden is finally starting to make some progress. We planted everything super late this year so we are off to a bit of a slow start. Things are definitely happening though!
 photo raspberries_zps1c0b96ad.png
 photo riperaspberry_zps09729011.png
I am definitely most excited about the raspberries. We took a cutting from my mom's plant last year and this year it grew so much and is going to give us lots of raspberries. Backyard raspberries are probably the most delicious thing ever.
 photo strawberries_zpsb9abf88e.png
I think I might have mentioned how excited I was that we had a whole ton of strawberries growing. Well, something ate all of them. Bummer! We have another plant in a different part of the garden that still has some flowers so I'm hoping we get to those before the little monsters that ate these ones.
 photo grapetomatoes_zps6fa753d3.png
The grape tomaroes are coming along pretty well. All the other tomato plants won't do much until later in the season but I can't wait to snack on these guys.
 photo milooutside_zps5c9dc659.png
I had to share that photo just because.

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday.



  1. Those raspberries look super gorgeous and yummy!!

  2. I love homegrown fruits and veggies! lovely photos <3
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  3. It's so exciting when everything starts to fruit. You should make some raspberry lemonade :)
    Awh Milo's little eyelashes! <3
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. Oh Milo, next year you can eat those precious raspeberris and straberries, for now let your mom and dad take care of it :)
    Sofia G

  5. Yaaay for garden growth! We have yet to try raspberries. So far we have mastered tomatoes, which is nice because I eat a lot. Love these pictures as well and seeing it change its color.

  6. A few years ago my sister and I rented this house that had this beautiful garden in the back, and there were tons of strawberry plants. Whenever we went out to pick some, however, there were none. We thought maybe the plants were just not producing, until one day I looked outside and saw my dog sniffing through the strawberry plants. It turned out she was sneaking in and eating them all as they ripened, the butt!


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