Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photos :: Millcroft Inn

This past weekend Ivan, Milo & I headed up to Caledon with my mom for a little getaway. We stayed at Millcroft Inn and it was so beautiful I didn't want to leave. Also the weather was amazing! It was a great weekend.
 photo lilies_zps68765e09.png
 photo milograma_zpsfbfcf375.png
 photo house_zps831ea8cb.png
 photo dessertsoup_zpsdbc617b8.png
This was a special dessert that the chef made. It is a cold peach soup and it was amazing!
 photo milo_zps57ce74b8.png
Milo looks so much like Ivan here!

I have a midwife appointment this afternoon to check on Milo and I'm excited to see how much he's grown. My arms definitely notice he is getting bigger!

Have a good day.



  1. He is so precious!! I haven't been able to comment much, but I'm loving your updates on Milo. Also, that soup looks amazing! Glad you had such a beautiful getaway.

  2. aawww!! All of Milo's little expressions are so darling!!

  3. WOW! That place looks amazing!!!

  4. Milo is the spitting image of Ivan, especially in that picture with your mom! I still can't believe you guys made a human.

  5. Gorgeous photos, glad you've already managed to have a weekend away with a little one! So many mummys I know end up a bit house bound..! Take care x

  6. He's such a cute little stinker! That place you went to looks marvelous.

  7. I can't get over how beautiful Milo is. You both must be so proud and full of joy and love!! I adore all the photographs you post of him :)

    Issy x

  8. These shorts are gorgeous! That last shot is especially adorable!


  9. Aw, his little checked shorts!! SO cute!!!

  10. beautiful photos as usual! i am really thinking about getting that camera.. the pictures are really so bright. awesome!

  11. What a handsome baby!

  12. That picture with your mom he's like, "say what?!" hehe so cute :)


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