Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Wore :: Circles

 photo loveelyciaoasap_zpscda971b7.png
 photo oasapshirt_zps53adc341.png
 photo loveelyciaoutfit_zps856e0448.png
 photo firmooglasses_zpse3106e91.png
:: head to toe ::
glasses :: Firmoo
shirt :: c/o OASAP
necklace c/o OASAP
belt :: c/o ModCloth
shirt :: thrifted
shoes :: c/o Blowfish

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a good day so far. It is and has been absolutely boiling around here lately. It seriously feels like an oven outside! Not great weather for going for a walk with a baby which is exactly what I would like to do. Oh well, I'm sure it will cool down a little eventually.

I have basically been wearing exclusively skirt shirt combos these days for easy access to baby food (breast feeding). Most of my dresses make it extremely difficult so they will have to hang out in my closet a little longer and only come out for short trips.

This post and one more are the last ones with my super long roots. I was finally able to bleach my hair and re-dye it! Very exciting stuff. I ended up not having as much of any colour dye as I thought I did so it is a big mish mash of colours. I don't mind! I will show you soon.

Enjoy the rest of the day!



  1. Great skirt! I was wondering: Is it not ok to bleach/dye your hair when you are pregnant? I didn't know that!

    1. No one can really say for sure but I avoided bleaching just to be safe.

  2. Awesome that you're nursing! It can be a little challenging (physically AND mentally) but after the first month or so it becomes SO easy and the bond is amazing! Keep up the great work Momma!

  3. I actually love your long roots. Your bangs especially look really cool. Excited to see the new colors, too!

  4. lovely outfit! the shirt is so colorful and i totally love your skirt! great.

  5. That shirt is just so adorable! I really love that skirt too, so cute!


  6. You do a lot of C/O's from OASAP, and they always seem to be the cutest clothes... love that top you've got on today. How quickly did OASAP ship? I may head over there and look a few things myself...

  7. Ah! I know what you mean... easy access to baby food. I exclusively breastfed my son and I am finally able to wear my old clothes again... now that he's 13mo and not really interested in the breast anymore. Enjoy the cuddling moments as much as you can! Even if it means a temporary wardrobe change. ;) Can't wait to see your pretty new hair.

    Julie @ xfallenmoon

  8. Totally loving your website! and you have such a cute as a button bubba! awwww bless.

  9. Super cute! That Modcloth belt is my favourite!!
    L ;)

  10. Gorgeous lady! The weather in England is crazy hot at the moment too, but I can't complain! :)
    Rosie x

  11. So....did you even have a baby? You look great!


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