Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. Projecteo
This little thing is so neat! I can't wait to get one.

4. I am in love with basically everything in Kitshcy Digitals.
I need to start making time for craft projects again! I have a few to finish before I start anything new.

3. One of the best things I have seen this year.
I mean, come on!!

2. This necklace is so cute!

1. I really love this dress.
Arrow Dress from ever+mi.crush
ever+mi.crush is currently having an end of summer sale that you should definitely check out!

Whoa! I really didn't mean for my 5 Fave Friday posts to take such a long break. It was just an easy day to cut out when baby stuff took top priority. I'm happy that they have returned. I miss posting about things I like on the internet! It's kind of like window shopping. I think scheduling them earlier in the week is a must so that I'm guaranteed to get them up even if Milo has other plans for Friday morning.

Have a fantastic Friday!



  1. That felt cottage is too much! So cute.

  2. i always thought Jesse & the Rippers were just on the show "Full House" ... never realized they were a real band until most recent. so fun!! love it!! (jimmy fallon rocks!) ( :

    i love the idea of Projecteo... i will be doing that very soon. so fun!

  3. Oh my gosh, Jesse and the Rippers!! I had no idea this happened!

  4. Hahaa, my husband has a shameless man-crush on John Stamos and showed me the reunion video. So glad you posted it! :D

  5. that dress and necklace would look so cute together!! I love them both! and those craft projects are uber cute! I'm pinning them straight away! :)

  6. Oh my lordy that video is so awesome! And the end? Too sweet! Thank you so much for sharing that!! : ]

  7. Kitshcy Digitals' work is adorable. She inspired me to create my own little felt decorations for my son's nursery.

  8. thanks so much Elycia for mentioning our shop! You picked some cute patterns! (the bear girl is a personal fav) :D

    Danielle Thompson


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