Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. I will always love Danny Tanner. I think I mentioned before that I once wrote a Danny Tanner love poem for school.
Uncle Jesse's hair is also pretty great.

4. This dress is so pretty.
Work to Play Dress from ModCloth
I am currently wearing no dresses due to breastfeeding but one day they will reenter my wardrobe.

3. I posted about Little Hip Squeaks before but I can't resist these pants!

2. This alarm clock!!
Take it by Storm Alarm Clock from ModCloth
It has been too long since I have watched Star Wars. I can't wait until Milo is old enough to enjoy it!

1. I am obsessed with Stay Home Club shirts and I stocked up on a few because of the no dresses thing that I mentioned. I just saw this patch and I wish I could send it back in time to my high school self. Not that I don't love Zelda now, just that it would have been so perfect then.

I accidentally took a little blogging holiday this week. Milo had a rough beginning of the week so I went easy on myself in other aspects of my life. He is back to being a happy baby and has been smiling so much lately. I love it!! Hopefully I won't be taking any more breaks like that for awhile. I have a whole bunch of posts in the works and a bunch of ideas for more, I just need the time to put everything together. Also, I'm hoping to get back to more regular outfit posts so that I can share my nursing friendly wardrobe.

Anyways! Thanks for sticking around and visiting my blog! You guys are awesome.



  1. We shared the same dress today! Haha isn't it beautiful?!

  2. I love the Stay Home Club! I've been waiting for the white SHC patch with the cats to come back in stock forever.
    Did you get the Lazy Wives Club tee? Cos I really want that one.

    1. I did! I think that one is my favourite. I got the v-neck and it fits so nicely!

  3. Ah love it the last ones, the stormtrooper alarm clock and the stay and home club :) Love their things too :)

    Kisses for you and Milo
    Sofia G

  4. That clock has been on my wishlist for a while now-I'm a total Star Wars nerd. And that Zelda patch is AWESOME!!!

  5. WHOA! That Storm Trooper clock is AMAZING!

  6. i'm very excited to see your nursing friendly wardrobe! i'm nursing an 8 month old and i've been really struggling with outfits and actually putting things together. i spend majority of my time in black leggings and camis. :/

  7. i know what you mean re dresses and bf!! I normally only wear dresses, usually peter pan ones at that! Makes me so sad! I have resorted to shirt dresses in the meantime, although if im honest most of my clothes end up soaked through anyway! Lovely! Glad to hear all is well. xx

  8. Love that Stormtrooper clock. I have the Darth Vader clock. I bought it from LEGO and it was $10 cheaper.

  9. As a constant dress-wearer and the mother of a boobaholic who didn't wean until she was almost three: shirtdresses. Also, wrap dresses and strapless dresses (the kind that are smocked or with elastic at the top so they're easy to pull down on just one side). Also, if you are handy, you can modify spaghetti-strap sundresses into nursing dresses by detaching the straps in front and reattaching with buttons or snaps!

    I love that dress you shared - just put it on my wishlist!

  10. I adore the Storm Trooper clock!! And staying home and playing Zelda is precisely what I intend to do today, thanks for the validation =)

  11. I love Little Hip Squeaks!

  12. I have that alarm clock, but it's Boba Fett ;) Got it at walmart actually. They're super fun! And if you push the head down, it lights up the clock. Yay!

    xo Ashley

  13. Thank you for introducing me to the Stay Home Club!
    And that clock is stellar!


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