Monday, September 16, 2013

Photos :: 365 (September 9 - 15)

252/365 :: Ivan's Grandma's house was recently sold so we gladly took this old radio while we were emptying it. It still works!
253/365 :: Whoa, my tongue looks scary and kind of gross in this photo. I just noticed that. Anyways, it was unbelievably hot on Tuesday and I was melting.
254/365 :: I made myself some bubble tea...sort of. It actually wasn't that good. I was impatient and didn't cook the pearls long enough and then I didn't really sweeten it at all and the berries were a bit tart. Better luck next time self.
255/365 :: Do you like pears? Want some? We have tons from our tree. I made muffins, cookies and the most delicious pear pie ever! I'm going to make more of everything and freeze a bunch of stuff as well as hopefully can some pears this week.
256/365 :: Aww, Mom! I got some really cute striped shirts for Milo for the cooler weather. And they are a bigger size. He's growing so fast!
257/365 :: So...this is an iPhone photo and I'm totally ok with that. We had a crazy Saturday and I left my camera at home. We were major party animals and didn't get home before midnight! Also, I just tried out the headband method for curling my hair again and I like it!
258/365 :: I walked inside to find all of the cats on the same couch so of course I had to take a photo. This doesn't happen often.
This was probably my most "off" week when it comes to this project. I was thinking that I wasn't going to even like the photos I took but I really do. I like that they tell a bit of a story even when there isn't anything necessarily amazing about them. It is going to be so neat to have a photo from each day this year. I'm sure looking at it will bring back memories of the day. I have already decided that I definitely want to continue this into 2014! (which is just around the corner, yikes!)

We had kind of a busy weekend and the weather was beautiful. It is starting to feel like fall around here...pear pie helps.



  1. oooh!! I love that radio + all your cats on the couch is perfect!! I wish our cats would lay close together like that!!

  2. Lovely photos, as always. I love that you've stuck with it too :)
    Are you going to make an album or scrapbook at the end of the year?
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. Yes definitely! I'm not sure if I will have them printed into a book with Blurb or just print out the photos and put them in an album. I'm getting excited about doing something with them though!

  3. The cat on the far left looks like my cat, Sunny. So cute. <3

  4. That is one sweet radio thank goodness his grandma kept it all this time! Wish I could take some of those pears off of your hands but they probably wouldn't ship too well to Sask would they?

  5. I have never done a 365 because it just seems too daunting! Good for you for keeping up with it for so long! Maybe I could try a once-a-week thing. :)
    Also, that radio is fab.

    1. I have tried and quit before but having a really laid back approach to it has helped. I'm not trying to make every photo this amazing creative thing, just a snapshot of my day.

  6. Woah, that radio looks amazing!


  7. I love old radios, and your couch! With all those cute cats on it. ;)

    - I s a @ Head Red + Blondi


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