Monday, October 21, 2013

Photos :: 365 (October 14 - 20)

287/365 :: I think this photo is so sweet.
288/365 :: My neighbours house is so pretty.
289/365 :: These past two weeks will forever be known as the time I got that cookbook and made everything in it. Well, not everything. Not even close to everything. I've made four things and I'll be talking about my favourites soon!
290/365 :: Just a little before bed mirror time.
291/365 :: Farva hanging out with Milo.
292/365 :: Ukuleles!
293/365 :: Yummmmm.

Well there we go! Another week gone by. We are almost into the 300s and I can't believe it. Another thing I can't believe...today Milo is four months old. I am excited to take his four month photos and compare them to the others.

He just woke up from a (way too short) nap so I'd better go!

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