Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Photos :: Our New Bartender

 photo milobeer_zps97800b10.png
If you come for a visit Milo will pour you a beer. Sure, sometimes his pours are a little less than perfect but come on, he's a baby!

I had a different post in mind for today but when I went to edit the photos for it I remembered that there is a little video to go with it. Don't get too excited, it's not a regular Elycia video but it does show a cool little something that I was sent to play around with. Since it's 10:00pm (on the dot!) I think I will wait and try to put it together during the day tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday! Speaking of Wednesday...the radio station I listen to (Oldies 1150 on the AM dial) calls Wednesday 'Humpday'. Yuck, I really don't like that. I don't know why. They also call thunderstorms T-booms...I don't mind that one as much, it makes me laugh because it's so silly.


PS. Someone mentioned that Milo wears a lot of stripes. Yeah, I bought him a four pack of striped long sleeved onesies and they are four out of five long sleeve onesies that he owns. So, they see a lot of action!


  1. You can't honestly have never heard of hump day??? It's been called that in the us for like a decade!!

  2. The cutest bartender I ever did see!! :D

  3. This picture is just the cutest! My little boys both wore a lot of stripes (actually still do). My husband always teases me because they really are my favorite. Plus, stripes are soooo much cuter than trucks, dinosaur, & sports related horrible appliques that so many little boy clothes are covered with.


  4. I've been calling Wednesday "hump day" forever! Because you made it halfway through the week, so it's all downhill and easy from here! Nothing dirty about it at all, unless you want it to be.

  5. LOL the word T-Booms makes me laugh as well! Milo is the cutest bartender I've ever seen! :-)

  6. I hate when people say hump day too. I always have! And now there's this commercial on tv here with a camel who keeps going around an office asking everyone what day it is, and he won't stop until someone says hump day. And then he says it over and over. They play that commercial approximately 5,000 times an hour, give or take.

    Also, Milo is definitely the cutest bartender I've ever seen, and that's saying something! :)

  7. Geico has this camel commercial in the states, that my coworkers and I quote often. We have both a mike and a julie in our department. "Humpppp dayyyyyy" it's kind of funny. Makes you think more camels and less... you know. :P

  8. For some reasom the reply button isn't working! So...

    Anon, I didn't say I've never heard of it before. I just hear it a lot on the radio on Tuesday & Wednesday so I was yhinking about it.

    Melaine, yeah I get the hill thing. It's not that I think it's something dirty and that's why I don't like it. It's just one of those weird words/phrases that I don't care for.

    Ha! Mixed reactions on that camel commercial!

  9. What an adorable pair! And it's so very cool that you have a beer tap :D


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