Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baby :: 5 Months Old

 photo miloblanket_zpse5dfc139.png
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Why is there a photo of Milo with a broccoli, Milo with a carrot and then a broccoli with a carrot? Well that's because I am officially losing my mind. On Milo's actualy 5 month birthday (November 21st) I confidently picked up the broccoli, plopped it down next to Milo and snapped away. It wasn't until the other night when I actually got around to editing the photos that I realized that it was supposed to be the carrot. I even labelled the broccoli photo "milo carrot 5 months". I honestly didn't notice my mistake until I went to add the 5 month photo to the 1, 2, 3 & 4 month ones for comparison. So...yesterday I took a photo of Milo with the carrot but I am far too honest to pretend that none of this broccoli business ever happened so you get the whole story.

The moral of that story is that I've been really exhausted lately and my brain isn't working properly. It's not really that Milo hasn't been sleeping well, he's been not too bad, it's that my thyroid is waaaaay out of whack. When I was pregnant I had to start thyroid medication because it was a little low. I just had bloodwork done to check it and it is super low which would explain my energy level. I just got back on medication but the dose is definitely too low so hopefully it will be sorted out within the next few months and I'll start feeling better because...whoa.

I just wrote a whole paragraph about Milo's day and night time sleep habits but then decided to delete it. This is where I'm at with blogging...I want to share things that are going on with parenting but I know that we are doing things differently than a lot of people would and I'm not looking for advice on what I should be doing or else my child will turn out awful and blah blah blah. I am a firm believer in going with the flow and doing what we feel is best for our family while allowing others to do what they feel is best for theirs. I know most of you out there are really awesome and even if my views are different than yours we can respect each other but I know the internet is a big place and I just don't feel like adding the stress of dealing with people trying to tell me what to do. Does that sound grouchy? I'm not trying to come off as grouchy about it. I'm also not saying that we just ignore all advice and think we are the smartest ever. I love reading different ideas about things and then figuring out what we think will work for us. I'm just going through a period where I don't feel like I need to share all of my business online. I think it's normal to want a bit of privacy about some things.

Also, as you can probably tell by that last paragraph, I feel the need to put in waaaaay too many disclaimers whenever I'm talking about anything parenting related. It's really just a pain in my butt to try to talk about parenting because I don't want to offend anyone who thinks differently than I do about it.

So, with all of that said I think I'll keep it light when it comes to parenting topics. I will definitely tell you that Mom brain is a thing (see the above broccoli/carrot example for proof of that one). I will also tell you that Milo is growing so fast and I can't believe he is 5 months old already. I'll also briefly mention that I think he is a bit of a high-needs baby which I definitely didn't think when he was a newborn. Or maybe he's just a regular baby and I just think he's high-needs because I have nothing to compare it to. Ha! Either way Ivan and I love him so much and baby smiles and giggles really do make absolutely everything worth it.

And in other Milo news, he just rolled from his back to his tummy two days ago and he had his first taste of his feet last night. He is reaching for everything, putting everything in his mouth and just seems generally very curious and interested in the world and everything in it. It is so neat! He seems to really enjoy it when Ivan or I hold him up to the piano so that he can bang on the keys and his previous favourite toy Mr. Moose has been replaced by his new favourite toy, Bluebird. We are very creative with toy naming over here.

Man, I ended up writing a lot and I am too sleepy to go back and make sure it all makes sense so just ignore anything that sounds crazy ok?

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