Monday, November 11, 2013

Photos :: 365 (November 4 - 10)

308/365 :: Sleepy after a long drive full of sleeping. We went with Ivan on a work trip to keep him company and the drive downn was great.
309/365 :: Milo meeting his Aunt Kaylah!
310/365 :: A building in downtown Bryan. It was such a cold, windy day!
311/365 :: Someone told Ivan about this store and their great craft beer selection.
312/365 :: Milo's expression is just too funny in this.
313/365 :: This squirrel was here a few days ago doing this same thing. He found a good place to snack on sunflower seeds.
314/365 :: Sunday we went over to my Dad's house to plant a tree for Milo. It is a Honey Locust tree and my Dad got it from the farm he grew up on.
We had a good week. It was nice to take a little trip just for a break from the usual stuff. It was also awesome to see Kaylah, I have missed her so much! I got to another friend I haven't seen in a while this weekend as well. Andrea and I met up but I forgot my camera like a dummy. Oh well, still fun.  I don't know whether you know this but you can still have fun without a camera.



  1. Wow! The only place I've ever seen black squirrels is in Canada! I remember being completely flabbergasted! I'd seen grey and red, but never black! I guess they're more common than I thought!

    Also, that building is gorgeous!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  2. Oooh Kaylah! Will you do another Blogpost together? This would be awesome!! :)

  3. That squirrel photo is priceless! Nice to see that there are still some places with no snow yet!

  4. And I was wondering when Kaylah would meet Milo! Such an amazing photo :) I love Milo's expressions <3
    Chamomile Dealer


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