Monday, December 16, 2013

Photos :: 365 (December 9 - 15)

343/365 :: This is Anakin's suuuuper passive aggressive way of getting Farva to fight with him. He follows him around and makes this squinty face at him and then gets really close without actually touching him until Farva usually snaps and attacks. I caught it on camera so I'm pretty much a professional wildlife photographer now.
344/365 :: Mail to "Baby Milo Mikesic" is probably one of the cutest things ever.
345/365 :: Milo got one of these crazy contraptions as a Christmas gift from his Grampa & Nana. He mostly just wants to put all parts of it into his mouth and gets mad if they won't reach.
346/365 :: Milo will be mobile soon and these tiny South Park choking hazards will have to go!
347/365 :: Oh, this boy.
348/365 :: We got our first really significant snow fall this weekend. It snowed basically all day Saturday and then some of Sunday too. We have a lot of snow now.
349/365 :: What? Is there something on my head?

I'm quickly squeaking this blog post in between Milo falling asleep and waking back up. I think he might be out for the night now but you never know. He usually wakes up a bunch of times before he's actually down for the count. He's cute, so he can get away with it. Oh! He's making noise. He woke up again. At least he falls back asleep quickly! I'm probably not making much sense right now. That's ok, no one reads what I write anyways do they? Aren't you just here for the photos?

Today I felt really happy and I just felt like mentioning it. So, with that, have a happy Monday!



  1. I definitely read what you write! That kitty shot it adorable. so jealous of the snow too. We usually get some in January, but only a little fluttering :(

  2. aww, happy monday to you too! I totally read what you write, silly, you crack me up. Love your ramblings.

  3. Actually I enjoy a lot what you write, love your sense of humor. Would like to see this blog updated more often but I understand milo is priority now. Muc love, have a gr8 week!

  4. The kitty picture made me laugh! Anakin reminds me of Arrested Development when Buster was just going around begging people to hit him, I think the squinty face is just him bracing for the impact. "Come Farva, hit me!" Cats are hilarious!

  5. Hey there, I read what you write, just saying ;)

  6. your cats are adorable! love your blog!


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