Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby :: 7 Months Old

 photo milo7months_zpsed5fd1a6.png
 photo milo_zps3d4d7de9.png
 photo 123456_zps69819194.png
 photo 7monthcarrot_zps4fb8208b.png
Milo is getting so big and I can't believe that he was 7 months old on the 21st. He is getting way harder to photograph as the months go by as I'm sure you can tell by the blurry photos. 

Milo likes to practice walking already (while holding our hands) and he is becoming quite the professional sitter. No signs of crawling yet but I'm not in a super big hurry for him to become more mobile. I'm still getting used to the fact that he can roll all over the place. 

Milo likes to scream, loves to be held and carried around and a new development is that he needs a toy to play with during his diaper changes. He gets bored very easily and always needs something going on.

We just love this little guy so much (duh) and I can't wait to see how he changes and how his personality comes out more in the coming months. 



  1. my brother-in-law has a song galled "Milo". they were gonna name their first born Milo but had a girl and named her Ramona. he is out of Austin. google: Milo Matt the Electrician it is one of my favorite songs and it might become yours :)

    1. That's funny, I was just about to leave a comment about looking at these pictures with my 2-year-old, who is named Ramona! She was super into looking at all these pics and when I got done she said "MORE MILOS!!!"

  2. What a sweetie! I love the series of photos with the different coloured nappies.Cute!

  3. He has gotten big, it's crazy. XD
    Do the cats get along with him?

  4. Gosh, I can't get over him. He is such a beautiful baby! Keep the pictures coming!!!

  5. Cute! I love all his facial expressions! Especially that one in the top left corner next to the carrot, so silly!

  6. Yay, Milo update! It totally made me giggle that my first thought was, "Wow, I can't believe he's already 7 months!"...and that's your first line, haha. - I'm pretty much in love with your little guy! <3

  7. Milo is super adorable! :D
    I was thinking of doing a photoshoot of my daughter now (at 3 years) with her stuffed Totoro, and then compare it to the one of her with Totoro at 4 months old.
    I also really like those themed photos of people posing like an old photograph of themselves. I've seen some pretty hilarious ones of adults that are dressed like babies. XD

  8. He is growing so quickly! Handsome little chap.
    Rosie at Every Word Handwritten x


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