Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Photos :: 365 (January 4 - 7, 2014)

4/365 :: Just hanging out with Dad.
5/365 :: The elusive Anakin. This cat hates my camera. I'm shocked I got this photo of him because usually when he sees that I'm holding the camera he gets up and leaves.
6/365 :: We got this squirrel and his friend (who is holding an acorn) from Ivan's Grandma's house when she moved. They will eventually find a home with my taxidermy loving friend but for now they are living in my craft room.
7/365 :: It has been so, so cold here. We had to go out for an appointment on this day and it was absolutely freezing!
It's hard sometimes to chose non-Milo photos for my 365 project but I am going to make a bit of an effort to mix things up. There will definitely still be lots but I might just have to start doing a weekly roundup of cute baby photos so that they don't just get lost on my computer. I'm ok with that!

I think I am finally ready to start putting together a post about my experience so far with cloth diapering. I know some of you have mentioned specific questions in the past so if you guys have anything that you would like me to talk about let me know in the comments and I will share my experience on it (if I have any).

Have a good day everyone!



  1. Great photos! I really don't mind Milo 365, though. He's so precious. x

  2. Your weather on the 7th must have been the same system that came through here on the 6th, we got to -51 C with the windchill and it stayed -50 all day long! All your photos, Milo and otherwise, are lovely!

    - J

  3. I love all the Milo photos - he is seriously adorable in every way!!

    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a pet who runs at the sight of a camera! Alphonse (my corgi) will take off 90% of the time you pull out a camera. I can usually trick him with my phone, though.

  4. Definitely do Milo Photos! He is one of the cutest little guys I have ever seen! It has been FREEZING here too!!! Love that frosty picture! :)

  5. These are all so cute! I love how you capture a full "day" in each photo.

  6. we were snowed in for three days. finally cleared up a bit so the town could plow but its still So cold. The rare negative of living in Ontario.

  7. I love Baby Milo's pictures as always!

  8. Ooh that frosty picture is lovely. Hope you're all keeping warm :)

  9. Anakin's so pretty.. ahem... handsome. ;)
    I love the look obn Milo's face.

    Isabelle @ Head Red + Blondi

  10. 100% baby Milo photo round up?? Yes, please! (Your other photos are lovely and round everything out nicely, but don't think you're overloading this particular gawker.)

  11. I still feel really crappy (ha, pun totally not intended) that I didn't make more of an effort to do cloth diapers w/my girl. My sister had sent me some to try out & see how it went, and I actually liked using them just fine - I just never got around to buying more to do it full-time! And then when she started day care and I found out the day care wouldn't deal with them, I sort of said "the h*ll with it." But when I think about the MOUNTAINS of disposable diapers we've singlehandedly put into the landfill - and the money we're STILL spending on them - it turns my stomach.


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