Monday, January 13, 2014

Photos :: 365 (January 8 - 12, 2014)

8/365 :: I know the focus on this photo is not ideal but I couldn't help but include it because a cat/baby party needs to be documented.
9/365 :: A bundled little bear. We braved the cold to go to the grocery store.
10/365 :: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, grumpy baby.
11/365 :: Ivan recently played The Adventures of Link for Nintendo so I talked him into playing Link to the Past on Super Nintendo next. Have I ever mentioned that I grew up watching my Grama play video games more than I actually played them myself. I still really like watching people play video games.
12/365 :: These foam letters were a gift and they are awesome!
We didn't have a super exciting weekend but one great thing happened...I got my phone replaced! The camera didn't work anymore and my battery life was awful so they just gave me a new one. I feel very lucky!

I am currently trying to figure out what I want to do with my hair. I love having white hair but I am just so terrible at the upkeep it requires so I'm thinking about what I should do. Kind of a random thing to mention but that's what's going on at the moment. Not much else is new around here.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!



  1. Have we talked about watching people play video games before? I feel like we bonded over it but can't remember if I'm making it up or not. Anyway, holy cow, I LOVE watching people play video games. It's so relaxing. I grew up watching my big brother play.

    1. I couldn't agree more!! My co-workers (all big gamers) find it so funny that I would rather watch someone play a good story-based video game than play it myself.

    2. I also grew up watching my big brother play video games! I also played them, especially when I got older, but I remember having very fond memories of spending hours watching my brother play the original Zelda and later on Final Fantasy. So much nostalgia.

  2. I Love playing Video games, and My Brother always watches me, :) I prefer to play, and he prefers to watch, though, he likes to play sometimes :)

  3. Used to watch my cousins play Ocarina of Time for N64 all the time, looking back I think we must have had something better to do but you couldn't tell us that at the time!

    - J

  4. "Have I ever mentioned that I grew up watching my Grama play video games more than I actually played them myself. "

    Same here! My grandmother and I always used to get some snacks together (mostly Oatmeal Cookies) to play Super Mario Brother. She was damned good at it too!

  5. I like watching my boyfriend play video games too, but after the third hour it gets a bit boring ;) Lovely photos again miss! I'm only on my second week but finding it so difficult to be original, especially in the week when I get back from work and it's already dark. I'd feel ridiculous taking my camera to the office :P

  6. I loved those foam mats until my daughter got to the point/age where she just tore the mat apart constantly. Then it got put in the closet lol. :P


  7. I love watching people play video games, too! I didn't know it was a thing! :D

  8. The Super Nintendo AND Zelda a link to the past are awesome!! I grew up playing on the SNES and it is still my favourite console to this day! If Ivan likes Zelda, and you like watching him play games, I would recommend buying the Secret of Mana for the Super Nintendo too. It is very similar to Zelda but you get a dragon to fly around on!! :0D It is my favourite game ever! Be warned though, it can be quite lengthy!! :0)
    I liked the cat and baby party photo too. Very cute :0) xo

  9. Cute photos! I love the one with the cats hanging out with the baby. I totally had those foam letters when I was little! They were so cool! Until I decided to roll the vacuum over them.. (oops!)

  10. The baby bear suit is super cute! My daughter has one like that too, but it was pale pink. :)
    I love A Link To The Past! I was really terrible at those kind of games when I was young, so my older sister would play them for me. She was great at it, too. She would even play the scary games for me, which I was too afraid to play.


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