Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photos :: 365 (February 11 - 17, 2014)

42/365 :: A photo of a photo. I took the Instax on this day as well. Milo is not really into having clothes put on at the moment so if we're not going anywhere I usually just let him hang out in his diaper.
43/365 :: I've already sent out a batch of mail for February.
44/365 :: This blanket just looked extra pretty to me today.
45/365 :: I finally bought some more Instax mini film. I've been hoarding my last pack for well over a year so I figured it was time for some more.
46/365 :: Someone loooves this situation, someone does not.
47/365 :: This is a cracker. I'll tell you more about it some other time.
48/365 :: Not yummy?
Well hello! This weekend was a holiday weekend (Family Day) and we ended up getting lots of things done around the house. We made a lot of things in the kitchen on Sunday and cleaned up a lot of things in Milo's room, the bedroom & the kitchen on Monday. I threw out quite a bit of old makeup and even packed up a few things to donate. Just so we are clear, I'm not donating makeup...I mean jewelry and stuff.

My next task is trimming down my closet. I have so many dresses that I don't wear at the moment and may not wear again. They are still awesome and I still love them but I feel like my style has shifted a little and I wouldn't feel super comfortable in a lot of the things I used to wear. I'm thinking of doing an Instagram sale for some of the particularly awesome pieces before I just go ahead and donate things. Would anyone be interested in that? We'll see!

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.



  1. I love seeing pictures of Milo. He is so adorable...those big blue eyes are to die for! And that blanket you knitted...wow!! I love the colors you chose, it looks so fluffy and happy!

  2. Hehe looks like milo found a great horse to ride! Yep show us your dresses, I might buy one or two. This way you get some extra money and give space to your closet for clothes you really wear.

  3. Yes! I'd love to see an instagram sale. :)

  4. C'est un collier d'ambre que Milo porte autour du cou?

  5. I'm at work on my lunch break and I have been feeling a little stressed today. But seeing wee Milo sitting on Farva just totally made my day!


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