Thursday, March 27, 2014

What I Wore :: This looks familiar

 photo playinginroom_zpse34ff30e.png
 photo MiloandMommy_zpsc71f1bf9.png
:: scarf, thrifted :: glasses c/o BonLook :: shirt, Target :: pants c/o ModCloth :: socks, ? ::

This isn't really a what I wore post. It's kind of just a 'here's what's going on around here' post. We had a bit of a rough weekend. Ivan was sick, Milo was grumpy and I was in a really grouchy mood. Fortunately I was able to recognize how grouchy I was, state it as a fact and just move on with my day. My Mom came over one day to help organize our kitchen cupboards which made me feel better. Sometimes keeping a positive attitude is difficult but silly little things like making things neater help.

I am back to feeling good and enjoying each day for what it is. As I mentioned, Milo is determined to walk so we spend most of the day doing laps of the house, stopping when something catches his eye. Sometimes he sits down and plays for a bit but usually he prefers to pick up whatever caught his eye and carry it around.

I think Milo and I might head to the mall today to send out some mail & maybe take a photobooth picture. We'll see!


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  1. AH! Love the retro Fisher Price! I had that record player too... is it yours from childhood, or do they actually sell those new? Great toy... I used to love making my own music by flicking those spinning metal things under the yellow part. :) And mall puttering on a gloomy day sounds perfect. :)

    1. They sell them now! We got this one as a gift before Milo was born. It is pretty cute. That is a neat idea, I'm going to see how that works on the newer ones.


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