Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Photos :: 365 (March 18 - 25, 2014)

77/365 :: This was my favourite snack a few weeks ago.
78/365 :: I saw Kaylah post one of these patches and I freaked out. They are soooo neat!
79/365 :: I'm getting so much better about sending mail; it's really fun! I picked up a few cute (and cheap!) notecards.
80/365 :: Toothbrush baby.
81/365 :: Not a lot of things are cuter than a baby in a hat.
82/365 :: Grabbing his favourite toy from the crib.
83/365 :: I am absolutely in love with these two prints from The Black Apple that I hung in Milo's room.
84/365 :: This is Milo's "help me stand up" face.
I am almost caught up with posting my 365 photos. I am so happy to be doing this project again this year and I kind of want to do it for the rest of my life. I won't get too ahead of myself and for now I'll take one year at a time.

This week I need to squeeze in some (hopefully) minor car repairs before our trip to Seattle. I absolutely can't wait for this trip! The time difference is going to be a bit weird with Milo I'm sure but hopefully it won't be too crazy for him. I am not too good at time differences myself. When we went to Vegas a few years ago I was so tired the whole time. It doesn't help that casinos actually put me to sleep. I am not kidding, I have fallen asleep in a casino twice in my life. Anyways, that's a different story. Bottom line is, I hope we all deal with the time difference well!



  1. I'm laughing way too hard. Milo's face in that last photo is TOTALLY an Elycia face. I can see you making it perfectly in my head.

    Miss you tonssss!!

    1. Ha! So that's where he learned it. He accompanies that face with lots of whining. He probably got that from me as well. Miss you too!!!!!!! <3

  2. Thanks so much for sharing The Scout Project patches, Elycia! I'm so glad you like them.

  3. hey, first of all, i like your blog, for a long time. Especilly since your a mom. like me :)

    since childhood i love to photograph. This year i started my 365 project. And i L O V E it. And i also think, i can to this for the rest of my life :)
    may you have a look.

    greets Alraune

  4. Such great pictures! You're totally inspiring me to get with the letter writing. I know so many people who would appreciate real mail in their mailboxes!

  5. Oh, I have to try that snack! It looks so easy and tasty :D

  6. That squishy baby face is SLAYING me. I have a series of pictures of my little brother making various temper tantrum faces that I'm gonna show at his rehearsal dinner when he gets married. :)

  7. That "help me stand up" face is too cute.

  8. Oh gosh, Milo's face is the too adorable! We should definitely be pen pals. I have some super sweet Pantone postcards with your name written all over them! ;)


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