Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby :: 11 Months Old

 photo milocarrot11_zps1d4aae3b.png
 photo milofarva_zpse3e4b25e.png
Hi! It is almost Milo's first birthday but here I am to share his 11 month photos. Well, lack of photos really. Milo and I had different priorities on May 21st and 11 month photos while laying down were obviously not on his list.

I hope you all found other things to stay busy with in my absence. I know it was probably hard but I'm sure you all managed. Hopefully I'll be back again this week to share some more photos. I've missed you guys.



  1. Never hesitate to post more photos of Milo! He's super cute and your blog should reflect your life, and let's face it when you're a mum kids really are your whole life!! :) xox

  2. So cute!! Love how colorful the pictures are :)


  3. Yay, a post! I've missed your updates. :)

  4. cute pictures! he is way bigger than the carrot now :P
    take care,

  5. Eheh, bet ya it's hard to keep him still for pictures. He seems to be pretty steady on two legs!! That's awesome. You must be having a lot of fun now. :P How's the first birthday planning going? Doing anything special? On another note, I delivered my new LO last week. Finally on Mat leave again with both my babies. I am so very happy right now. :)


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