Friday, June 5, 2015

Gardening :: First Photos of the Season 2015

I've mentioned how excited I am about our backyard this year. There is still tons to be done, more than we can do in just one season, but I'm pretty pumped about the progress. We always do a vegetable garden but this year we are also trying to make the backyard look nice so that it's a relaxing place to hang out. You know, instead of sitting outside and looking around at all of the things you really should be fixing up instead of relaxing.
 photo flower pots_zpso3aptx74.png
 photo flower pots2_zpspplr5awp.png
 photo flower pots3_zpsvhvqakno.png
The photo below is a lemon cucumber sprout. Planting things from seed is pretty much the coolest thing ever, I think so anyways! It's so neat to see something grow from a little seed. 
 photo lemon cucumber_zpspvjwgjkx.png
Those are morning glory sprouts that I'm hoping will crawl up the wire shelf.
 photo morning glory seedlings_zpsnsx6hysy.png
These are all plants I started from seed inside. Most of them are really leggy and I've learned a lot about starting from seed inside. I definitely need a grow light for next year. Pretty much everything is planted in the ground now and they all seem to be doing ok so far. See those things on the bottom right? Those are goji berries from seeds we saved!
 photo seedlings1_zpszh8b4bdh.png
 photo seedlings2_zpsy9ewvqvu.png
 photo seedlings3_zpsud378upi.png
I was so happy with how this wire shelf was shaping up...and then we got really bad weather and it fell over in the wind. Most of my pots broke so it's back to looking a little shabby until I get everything properly repotted and organized. 
 photo shelf milo_zpssnzw1zcn.png

We spend time in the garden everyday, sometimes all the way up until Milo naps, and I love it. I am more into gardening this year than every before but I still have so much to learn. If anyone has any great tips I would love to hear them!



  1. Your plants are looking great! I love growing things from seed to, It seems so magical! I have a problem with leggy-ness too, a grow light is definitely on the list for next year.

  2. Love it! I also just started a little bit of gardening on my balcony, also posted about that recently :)

  3. everything looks great! a seasoned gardener recommended I use shop lights from the hardware store to start my seeds indoors and they've done the trick the past few years. less expensive than grow lights and I've only had to replace a few bulbs.

  4. Ahh those plants look gorgeous! Especially the third picture down (pink leaves, who knew???)
    Just wanted to comment about how great it is that you're blogging again! Been a long time follower and it's great that your back and seem to be doing well :)

    A Fox in the Forest

  5. what is in the pot in the 4th picture? the tiny yellow and pink flowers and the multi-colored leaves are so pretty!

    1. The flowers are a sunrise rose lantana camara and the pink and green leaves are coleus. I love them!

  6. I love backyard gardening. In fact, I always try to take changes in my backyard garden frequently. You have superb ideas how to grow plants. Looks beautiful and attractive those are! Nice post!!


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