Thursday, June 25, 2015

Photos :: Blanket Fort

Just two quick photos so that I can remember our first blanket fort.
 photo milo fort_zpsbqjst6sk.png
 photo milo in fort_zpswwoly8wo.png
These photos also make me think about the fact that Milo has been wearing his pyjamas a lot lately. He's been in a phase where he doesn't like to get dressed. For a long time now Milo has been particular about what he wears but for the past few months he gets extremely upset if the wrong thing is offered. Things are easing up a little and he's not having meltdowns if I offer the wrong shirt or pants but a lot of days he ends up only half dressed because he is just really into whatever pyjama shirt he wore the night before. As long as I'm in the right frame of mind about it instead of trying to force the issue things go pretty well. I'm relearning lessons on not always getting my way and not overreacting about little things. For me, being a parent is definitely the biggest learning experience and the biggest character builder. I am constantely evaluating how things went and figuring out what I could do differently next time to make the situation better. I think that's all we can do, really. Being a parent is really hard but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.



  1. Here is the way I figure it. My 17 month old spent the first year of her life in PJs because we were too lazy to change her so why worry if she wants to wear them for the next year of her life? haha. Its the grownup version of sweatpants!

    1. Haha, when I see how my boyfriend dresses at home, I can only imagine how our possible future child won't understand the reasons to get dressed in anything else than home wear :D

  2. An outside blanket fort! Why haven't I done this with my kids?! Sometimes they make one in the living room which can really drive me nuts, but duh, outside would be so much better! More room, and fresh air! And I love that crocheted daisy blanket - did you make that? Also, power to the PJ. My kids (10, 8, 6) wear theirs most weekends (and so far, summer holidays!), and so do my husband and I. I don't really see a problem with it if we're just bumming around the house. If we go out, then we'll change. Pick your battles. :)

  3. Aww such a beautiful family!
    Happy Birthday little guy, my best wishes to your all family!

    ♥ Happy Tuesday! ♥


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