Saturday, April 10, 2010

vintage elycia

every once in a while i remember that this website is still kicking around. want to see some vintage elycia? well, i guess not really vintage...but funny. check out this website.

i like to see what people were like when they were younger so i thought i would share some of my past. do you have anything funny to share?



  1. I like your hair now much better. It really compliments you more lighter. :)

  2. Oh, I do, I do!! When I was a little kid, I remember seeing the Beatles on TV. They looked like they were in a recording studio. I imagined that it was always like this.

    A few days afterwards, my dad turns on the radio and of course the Beatles were playing, mid way through the song he switches to another radio station and the Beatles were playing on that one too.

    I was ever so confused at how it was possible for them to hop from one station to another for all these recordings. I figured they must be in one really, really big building and have super fast motion.

    So in other words, I didn't grasp the concept of "records".

  3. I just nominated you for the beautiful blogger award! check it out xo

  4. Windsor Grace,
    thank you! i like my hair light too. i'm starting to feel like changing it though.

    that is too funny!


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