Friday, April 9, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! i hope everyone is having a great friday! here are some things i love this week.

5. this wreath from Itz Fitz
i love this colour combo! such a pretty wreath!

4. pretty luggage
old suitcases look awesome. i need to keep my eyes open for some.

3. cool bathrooms

the last 2 pics i took at the Edison/Ford Museum. i love that colour for bathroom fixtures...and fridges...and guitars...and sewing machines. basically everything looks awesome in that colour.

2. purple. what a beautiful colour.
amazing hair!! i would love to do this.
these amps are fantastic!!!! so pretty.
1. pinhole cameras

i'm really excited about elsie's pinhole camera diy. ivan and i are planning on making one together!

i'm off to deliver some headbands! then i need to edit some photos for my friend before she flips her lid on me. :) 
enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. i love that wreath & I adore purple!!! Great post ;)

    have a great friday :D

  2. I adore old suitcases! My mother in law just picked one up for me at an estate sale. The ones I find always have that weird-stored-in-a-wet-basement smell :) The candy colored ones are so pretty!

  3. I love that wreath, I am going to make a pretty Spring/Summer one with butterflies soon, I will make sure to post pics! This was a beautiful post!

  4. I adore these little and experimental cameras :)

  5. I love that weather. It's super. And, I agree. Fixtures look awesome in that color. It's kind of mystical.

  6. I love that teal bathroom.

    And come stop by my blog when you have a sec. I left you a little award!

  7. That wreath is beautiful - as you say the colours are just gorgeous together.

    I love old luggage - quite fancy an old train case for transporting my girls about.

    Always fancied blue hair too! One of my girls has that colour hair.

    That top hat pinhole camera is so cool!

    Fantastic Friday favs :D

  8. Beautiful images :)
    Me and my boyfriend love finding old suitcases, we got one dirt cheap at a car boot sale and stuck lots of stickers, buttons and material on it to make it our own.

  9. oohhhh pink amps. I don't play or even like pink that much, but those have me for some reason. Nice list!

  10. them all!


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