Wednesday, April 7, 2010

every girl has a story - April

This is my new helper April. April has a lot to say and is never afraid to say it. She loves Scrabble, Boggle and her 'Say Anything' headband.

the sweet thing that ivan did for me yesterday was...while i was tutoring he went and got prints made of my drawings! (the 3 girls i have introduced so far) they are 4x6 matte prints and they look soooo good. what a nice guy. i'm planning on bringing the prints with me to the craft show i'm in on May 14th in St. Catharines. if you are in the area come by! here's the facebook link.

that's all for now!


  1. but, does she love the new scrabble rules?

    she's so cute!!

  2. I love all of your little girl drawings, they are too cute!

  3. So completely cute, and I love all the personality you have given her.

  4. love it. SO cute. did i mention yet that i added your button to my blog? :) hope you are well and i'm sending out your necklace this week!


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